Best Albums of 2015
selected by 3 Lithuanian critics

Alina Orlova <BR>“88”

Alina Orlova

Lithuanian singer-songwriter Alina Orlova is currently among the best-known Lithuanian voices in the international pop music scene. Listeners around the world have fallen in love with the unique colour and style of Alina’s singing.

In spring 2015, Alina released a new album called “88”. With more electronic elements than in her previous works, this record showed the potential and consistency of Alina voice’s in various music styles.

But it’s still the same Alina, a dreamy girl with poetic attitude . (Ovidijus Ruškys, Karolis Vyšniauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “Sailor” + album stream

Alina Orlova on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

Au-Dessus <BR>“Au-Dessus”


A four-piece from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, Au-Dessus started to play together back in 2014, and without any hesitation they concentrated on (post) black metal.

With the strong, interesting vocals of the singer and bass player Mantas, Au-Dessus’s self-titled debut album is certainly one of the best metal records we heard last year in the Lithuanian scene, or maybe also outside. (Andrzej Bong, Karolis Vyšniauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “III” + album stream

Au-Dessus on Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube.

Ba. <BR>“Rasti / Pasiklysti”

“Rasti / Pasiklysti”

ba. is one of the freshest and most interesting start-ups of 2015 in Lithuanian music, and their debut album “Rasti / Pasiklysti” should certainly be included in a list of necessary Lithuanian records from the last year.

In their music, ba. combine indie rock with electronic adding punk-ish motifs, grunge and noise. Arrangements with non-standard intro/outro, unexpected pauses, a lot of guitars effects, computerized vocals…

All of that results in elusive dynamics and a modern, experimental, spontaneous atmosphere. (Andrzej Bong, Ovidijus Ruškys)

♪♫ Listen: “Naktį judu” + album stream

Ba. on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

Daina Dieva / Skeldos ‎<BR>“Aviliai”

Daina Dieva / Skeldos ‎

“Aviliai” is like a gloomy portrait. Sad vocals of Daina Dieva surrounded by ambient drones and mysterious sounds delivered by Skeldos.

Although this album includes just tree tracks, every one of them has such a depth and sensitiveness, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself crying at some point. (Andrzej Bong)

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Daina Dieva on Facebook, Bandcamp, www.
Skeldos on Facebook, www.

Darbo Džiaugsmai <BR>“Gyvai Ir Žmogiškai: ‘Darbo Džiaugsmai’ Studijoje”

Darbo Džiaugsmai
“Gyvai Ir Žmogiškai: ‘Darbo Džiaugsmai’ Studijoje”

I have no idea how Marius Stavaris comes to such results. Yes, on one hand he’s just having some fun here with lo-fi style and some absurd lyrics.

But on the other hand, every one of Stavaris’ projects goes a different way where you can find just Stavaris and nobody else.

In 2015, the crazy place he took us into is the debut album of his new project, Darbo Džiaugsmai. Crazy thing. (Ovidijus Ruškys)

♪♫ Listen: “Alkanieji” + album stream

Marius Stavaris on Mixcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

Deeper Upper <BR>“Ceremony” EP

Deeper Upper
“Ceremony” EP

Four-piece indie rockers from Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, Deeper Upper are not new in the music scene.

On the contrary, their latest four-track EP, titled “Ceremony”, sounds mature and tuneful as you would expect from well-experienced musicians who know what’s happening currently in music.

Their new mini-album is lead by the immediate single “Unity”, which should immediately draw your attention and stick to you for a while. But the other three songs are as good and as noticeable. (Karolis Vyšniauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “Unity” + album stream

Deeper Upper on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, www.

Garbanotas Bosistas <BR>“Above Us”

Garbanotas Bosistas
“Above Us”

2015 year was superb for Lithuanian band Garbanotas Bosistas. They arranged a UK tour, signed a deal with Australian publisher and released their debut album, “Above Us”, which could take you into the Golden Age of psychedelic rock – no drugs needed.

“Above Us” sounds like an echo from the 70s. And it doesn’t matter if the band leader Šarūnas sings in Lithuanian or English. He could choose Esperanto and it would be as sharp and deep. and their live shows are full of long compositions and jamming.

While the spirit of the hippie era comes back alive on this album, it’s also the best breakthrough of 2015 in the Lithuanian scene. (Ovidijus Ruškys, Karolis Vyšniauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “Places, Planes and Trains” + album stream

Garbanotas Bosistas on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Girių Dvasios <BR>“Ratu”

Girių Dvasios

If you ever visit Lithuania, from this country you must take back home (apart from amber) the fifth album of Girių Dvasios.

As the author of this project says, “nothing will reveal the true Baltic spirit better than listening to ancient Lithuanian sutartinės”.

Girių Dvasios mixed sutartinės – traditional women’s songs for multiple voices typical of this country – with electronic music, and got modern sound with unique Baltic folk elements. (Andrzej Bong, Karolis Vyšniauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “Tureja Liepa” + album stream

Girių Dvasios on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Markas Palubenka <BR>“Puzzleman”

Markas Palubenka

In general, Markas Palubenka’s new album “Puzzleman” sounds like a thoughtful, professional, well-arranged work. And it seems that’s one of the Lithuanian musicians who finally play exactly what they really want to play.

And the audience, both in Lithuania and abroad, loves it. I love it too. (Andrzej Bong)

♪♫ Listen: “Women Of Stone” + album stream

Markas Palubenka on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

Mc Mesijus X Münpauzn <BR>“#uzgrotu”

Mc Mesijus X Münpauzn

For some Lithuanian music critics, this is the best hip-hop album of the year, but you can use the term “hip-hop” very conditionally.

Just like the best hip-hoppers across the pond, Mc Mesijus X Münpauzn cross boundaries of the genre on “#uzgrotu” and embrace much more: from electronic to jazz, from jazz to avantgarde, from avangarde to hip-hop etc.

It’s a fantastic score, one you could hear in a cinema if it was ready for something so weird, and so original. (Andrzej Bong, Karolis Vyšniauskas)

♪♫ Listen: album sampler + album stream (Spotify)

Mc Mesijus on Soundcloud, Facebook.
Münpauzn on Facebook, Bandcamp.

Monika Liu <BR>“I Am” EP

Monika Liu
“I Am” EP

Monika Liu is a hyper energetic person, but she’s just as talented. She wrote her debut EP all by herself, she produced it, and she also made the album art.

The first record of this London-based artist, titled simply “I Am”, consist of just four tracks, but all of them are quality pop songs promising a fascinating career. (Karolis Vyšniauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “I Am” + album stream

Monika Liu on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

No Real Pioneers <BR>“Renounce” EP

No Real Pioneers
“Renounce” EP

No Real Pioneers are a three-piece band from Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius. Their music is a mixture of post-rock (as the basis) and scream/emo influences, making their sound harder and darker.

The trio’s new EP, “Renounce”, is just 20-minute long but it’s a record every listener of alternative rock’s scene should know. (Karolis Vyšniauskas)

♪♫ Listen: “Isabel” + album stream

No Real Pioneers on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube.