Best Tracks of 2015
selected by 5 Dutch critics


My Baby

Blues from the delta of the Amstel. It is quite possible that My Baby does not just sing about voodoo, but it also practices. Even live; I am sure it’s impossible to find someone who has experienced a concert of the Amsterdam-based trio that is not bewitched.

Fans (including Doe Maar’s Henny Vrienten and Seasick Steve) are bewitched from all over the world; from New Zealand ’till the fascinating Eastern European festivals. Singer Cato van Dijck is the Dutch Witch Queen of New Orleans!

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“Misschien Wel Hè?”

Holland’s got an incredibly active and inspiring hiphop scene. You might’ve actually heard Drank & Drugs (Booze and Drugs), which went viral in 2015.

But the best banger you probably missed is “Misschien Wel, Hè?” by rapper CHO, with the funniest lyrics and amazing beats by producer Spanker (who went on to work with M.I.A.).”

Cho on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud.


Idiott Smith

Idiott Smith is a promising act from the remote North of The Netherlands. “Friends” is a melancholic crooner full of hypnotizing synths and swooning vocals. Smith hasn’t officially released anything yet, so we expect big things from him in 2016.

Idiott Smith on Soundcloud, Facebook.


The Yukon Club

The Yukon Club hit all the right buttons with their dazzling debut single, “Absence”. The song is a fragile ballad with moody vocals and suspenseful electronics. Think Chet Faker meets Alt-J meets Wild Beasts.

The Yukon Club on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter + beehype.


“Forza (It Is)”

Bewilder went to the peaceful Island Vlieland to record their debut which they, unsurprisingly, called “Dear Island”. Lead single “Forza” is an addictive and uplifting indie track. Make sure to check out the hilarious music video montage full of 80s imagery.

Bewilder on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.


“Why You”

Some of the best electronic music The Netherlands had to offer this year. A warm and pulsing sound, powerful live drums and beautiful melodies mix wonderfully on this excellent atmospheric track from the new “Allogamy” EP.

Polynations on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram + beehype.


The Homesick

Passive aggressive postpunk songs with Mac DeMarco-like guitars, made by three young ‘n’ strange boys from Dokkum, Friesland. This song is great, but their current live shows are something else.

The Homesick on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.


Rafts On Rafts
“Last Day On Earth”

The second album by Rats On Rafts from Rotterdam, “Tape Hiss“, is easily the best Dutch record of the year, full of raw intensity and amazing, aggressive postpunk songs. “Last Day On Earth” is one of them.

Rafts On Rafts on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.


“Marilyn Monroe”

Rotterdam-based singer Sevdaliza made this utterly beautiful track “Marilyn Monroe” with her go-to producer Mucky. We’ve never heard the Iranian-born artist this vulnerable before. The hazy and minimal production reminds us of the likes of FKA twigs and BANKS.

As we speak Sevdaliza is recoring the debut album and we can’t wait to hear more from her in 2016.

Sevdaliza on Soundcloud, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube + beehype.


Naive Set

In 2015 the Amsterdam four-piece Naive Set released their critically acclaimed second album, “Dragon”. The first single off the record is called “Rabbits” and is just the bright psych pop tune you’d expect a song with a title like that to be.

Their uplifting indie pop is filed in the same category as Woods or Real Estate.

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