Best Tracks of 2015
selected by José Luis Mercado


Octavia de Cádiz

Introspective music of Octavia de Cadiz is back. Behind weird videos posted on the internet, and just with some simple guitar chords, this girl has gained a cult status singing about our anxieties and fears.

The charming miniature called “Extra” comes off “No importa” EP, and tries to remind us all of us matter. All of us.

Octavia de Cádiz on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube.


Fifteen Years Old
“Por que te vas”

“Contemplaciones: Homenaje Iberoamericano a Jeanette” is a tribute album made by Peruvian Plastilina Records label. It includes remakes of songs by the Spanish-British pop singer Jeanette.

Solange Jacobs, an experimental artist also known as Fifteen Years Old, produced a minimal version the popular song “Por que te vas” from Jeanette’s repertoire. She also sampled the movie “Cría Cuervos”, which the song was originally written for.

Fifteen Years Old on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, www.


Bareto feat. Susana Baca
“El loco”

The legendary singer Susana Baca has been invited by the alternative tropical band Bareto, and this featuring created an unforgettable fusion of styles, sophisticated and allegoric.

This magnificent collaboration, “El loco” has been taken from Bareto’s latest album called “Impredecible”.

Bareto on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.


Gala Brie
“Desde el cielo a mis pies”

Gabriela Gastelumendi is the former lead singer of Las Amigas de Nadie, one of the most beloved all-female bands in Latin America in recent years.

Now, she is Gala Brie, and she comes with a more intimate and personal music than previously, tough clearly influenced by synth pop. The song “Desde el cielo a mis pies” is included on her solo debut album, “Intensos instantes”.

Gala Briê on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www + beehype.


El Aire
“Luz de ti”

The legendary cult band El Aire returns with a new song, “Luz de ti”, which will appear on their next album titled “II”.

As the group’s leader Jose Javier Castro explains, “Life puts us on the road, and gives us maybe not what we want but what we need. It gives us people who offer us something hard to describe, but necessary – a metaphorical light. That’s the spirit of this song. Love and thanks”

El Aire on Facebook, YouTube.


Rapper School feat. McKlopedia

The biggest hip hop group in our country steps back into the studio, taking the Venezuelan MC McKlopedia together with them.

Refering to their conscious rap roots, “Imagina” brought Rapper School recognition in the entire South American hip hop scene, and deservedly so.

Rapper School on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


Ed Bird

Still without a full-length debut, Ed Bird has been exploring experimental electronic music inspired by Andean tradition.

In the single “Wifala”, he fights the power using Quechua lyrics and a sample from José María Arguedas, one of the greatest representatives of the Andean indigenismo.

Ed Bird on Soundcloud, Facebook.


Olaya Sound System

Between cumbia and reggae, Olaya Sound System originated in the Lima district of Chorrillos at the end of the previous decade.

After having toured the entire country, they released their third album “Quien es Quien”. The single “Desaparecer” (“Disappear”) has soon become their new anthem, also giving them opportunity to step into the spotlight.

Olaya Sound System on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


Ves Tal Vez
“La loca”

Lima-based trio Ves Tal Vez are a recently formed band who brought a smiley side of pop music to the Peruvian scene.

The group constists of Alejandra Iribarren, Max and Diego Masias Berrocal, and “La Loca” became their first widely-known song. Inspired by folk rhythms and vocal jazz, it will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Ves Tal Vez on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.


“Beto Kele”

Founded in 2001, the collective Novalima is one of the most renowned acts in modern Peruvian music, and one of the most distinctive with their mix of local tradition and contemporary inspirations.

In 2015 Novalima returned with a new album “Planetario” (available on Bandcamp). Dance, modernity and many Afro-Peruvian influences blend into one, and “Kele Beto” is one of the best dance songs of the year.

Novalima on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www + beehype.


Serto Mercurio
“Caen los edificios”

Serto Mercurio is a brand new band influenced by post-punk artists of the 80s and simplified in its simple: “Caen los edificios”, between melancholy and acceptance.

The song comes from their first album, “Recuerdos de cuando aprendí a nadar”, which you can stream in its entirety on here.

Serto Mercurio on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube.


Kanaku y El Tigre
“Si te mueres mañana”

Kanaku y El Tigre released the album of the year: “Quema quema quema” (“Burn burn burn”). Good production, collaborations and a beautiful first single called “Si te mueres mañana”.

Between folk and electronic influences, the Lima-based band plays a sound that is trying to be the new soundtrack of Lima city.

Kanaku y El Tigre on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www + beehype.