Best Guatemalan Albums of 2016
selected by GT Cultura

Bacteria Soundsystem Crew <BR>“Para Siempre”

Bacteria Soundsystem Crew
“Para Siempre”

After a few years of absence, Bacteria Soundsystem Crew returns to the Guatemalan music scene with a very interesting album that reaffirms them as a vital part of the Central America´s hip hop scene.

On “Para Siempre”, the music has a very strong social content, their rhymes are seen as an echo of Guatemala, as they portray the reality in which Guatemalans live.

As for the sound of the album, it’s varied – the band uses a wide range of beats and samples to build and polish their songs.

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Filoxera <BR>“#JustMakeMusic”


At times, pop (“El sol no es para todo”), other times rock (“Simple”, “Steel Reptile”), and even with a hybrid sound (“Bossa Trix”), Filoxera is not afraid to explore new sound territories.

The result of this approach is “#JustMakeMusic”, an album with very diverse and pleasant music. The members of the band have a large experiences in the music scene and the quality of this disc is more than evident.

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Fraeek <BR>“Nocturno”


Fraeek released “Nocturno” after a large series of memorable singles and EPs that were streamed over the internet.

“Nocturno” is one of a few post-rock jewels that have been produced in Guatemala. Its sound is atmospheric and organic thanks to the combination of electronic sounds and traditional instruments of rock and chamber music.

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Humus Fuga <BR>Lanikea”

Humus Fuga

Psychedelia and progression are the key elements in the music of Humus Fuga. “Lanikea” arrives several years after the creation of the band.

It is a very solid album, the band sounds confident in their interpretations. There are moments when the music sounds ferocious (“Rapsodia de Maxwell”, “Fosfenos”) and others when the band prefers more melodic sounds (“Neblina”, “Petricor”).

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Ishto Juevez <BR>“La Fortuna y sus lados B”

Ishto Juevez
“La Fortuna y sus lados B”

“La Fortuna y sus lados B” by an acclaimed singer, musician, and composer Ishto Juevez is a complex, dynamic and optimistic album.

The artist maintains the foundations of his music in the folk and singer-songwriter moods, but he skillfully incorporates other rhythms (Funk and Jazz) and instruments that add other sonorities and nuances (keyboards, marimba, percussions).

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Jun Winaq´Rajawal Qíj <BR>“Tributo a los 20 Nawales”

Jun Winaq´Rajawal Qíj
“Tributo a los 20 Nawales”

This project began during the 13 Baktún (Mayan calendar sacred date), but its worldwide release was kept until the beginning of 2016 amidst considerable expectations from the media, since this ambitious album rescues knowledge of Mayan culture and fuses it with hip hop rhythms.

The instruments used to play the music here produce organic sounds that accompany the lyrics, which are interpreted in tz’utujil, kaqchikel and k’iché languages, aiming to claim back the worldview of the indigenous Guatemalan people.

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Mercedes Escobar <BR>“The Blue Devil” EP

Mercedes Escobar
“The Blue Devil” EP

Mercedes Escobar is considered one of the most promising songwriters of the Guatemalan music scene. “The Blue Devil” is her debut EP.

It is composed of 5 songs, each one with a different style that references the roots of blues and country music, as a little taste of the genres she is currently invoking and performing in her live performances. The album includes one song written in Spanish (Sangre Negra) and four songs in English.

Mercedes is one of the most promising Guatemalan talents with international potential, a great choice for those who are nostalgic about the golden times of music and great voices.

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Oricalkos <BR>“Aniemígenal”


Oricalkos surprised many Guatelamans with their debut album “Aniemigenal”, which takes the musical proposal of the band to monumental dimensions.

“Aniemígenal” is cohesive, forceful, worthy of listening again and again to be able to digest the sound of the band.

The music of the band is progressive, offering moments in which – after melodic rhythms sequences – the chords become chaotic and distorted.

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Pamelita Flores <BR>“Misoginia”

Pamelita Flores

Pamelita Flores is one of the biggest exponents of experimental Guatemalan music of the new generation.

This time, she brings “Misoginia” (Misogyny), an album which was digitally released in 2016 and that has recently been presented in physical format.

Having had a classical music education, Flores’ proposal combines classical and electronic music in a progressive hybrid genre that also accompanies her radical lyrics, aiming to reaffirm women’s rights.

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Rebeca Lane <BR>“Alma Mestiza”

Rebeca Lane
“Alma Mestiza”

Rebeca Lane is one of the first Guatemalan rap artists with international recognition.

Sangre Mestiza addresses issues that other musicians prefer to be silent about. Lane’s proposal is political, but without neglecting the musical aspect, which has a vast amount of rhythms accompanying the rebellious lyrics of the rapper.

“Alma Mestiza” is vital for the Guatemalan music scene, because it´s a reflection of the times we live in, the struggles of the oppressed and the silenced, especially women.

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