Best Tracks of 2016
selected by Edwin Lo from Bitetone

Adrian Lo <BR>“Dragon’s Den”

Adrian Lo
“Dragon’s Den”

Adrian Lo is an up and coming songwriter from Hong Kong, who released his debut EP “ABSENTEE” in 2016.

Obviously a fan of English music acts such as Radiohead and James Blake, his music has a similarly ethereal quality.

The second track “Dragon’s Den” off the album is a beautiful and poignant track on identity, highlighted by Lo’s soaring falsetto amidst the sparse song arrangement.

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“King of My World”

Chochukmo, always a band with a flair for the dramatic, takes things to the next level with their new 2016 single “King of My World”.

Adding in new music touches such as horns and electronic flourishes, the result is a dynamic track that showcases the best qualities of each member.

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Ellen Loo
“還不夠遠” (Not Far Enough)

The first single from Ellen Loo’s third full-length album “Imperfections” shows a new level of virtuosity to Loo’s playing.

Opening with a spacy guitar riff that would make space rock bands like Oceansize and Failure proud, the song is a driving tour de force that should surprise longtime fans while opening the door for new ones.

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“Modern Li Bai”

Rapper J-Hoon returns in 2016 with a new album titled “Modern Li Bai”, a reference to the famous Chinese poet Li Bai, it’s a smart title for a hip-hop album.

The title track sports a jazzy beat produced by Guangzhou hip-hop beatmaker Pete Chen and scratching by Hong Kong’s very own K-Melo.

J-Hoon flow is undeniable and you can tell that he is having fun in the process.

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Juno Mak
“結” (Fusion)

Mak’s ambitious 2016 cinematic concept album “Evil is a point of view”, explores the concept of evil through a forbidden love story between a monk and a nun.

The song “結 (Fusion)” is the last track off the album and takes an abstract look at the fertilization process through the meeting of egg and sperm.

It sounds weird on paper but Mak pulls it off beautifully in both audio and visual.

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“卜卜卜 (heartbeat)”

The lead up single to their 2016 album “A Little Louder” takes its name from the sound of a heartbeat.

The understated nature of the song is a true testament to the beauty of simplicity.

Singer Pollie’s voice shines throughout and guitarist Jonathan continues to demonstrate a knack for writing great melodies.

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Modern Children
“Bittersweet Memories”

“Bittersweet Memories” is a song dedicated to Modern Children’s longtime guitarist Jimmy who passed away last year.

Like it’s namesake, the song encapsulates the sorrowful mood, but does not venture too far into dark territory.

The band’s signature uplifting tone can still be heard in this song, truly bittersweet indeed.

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“You” is the first official recording from Phoon, a young indie rock group that first burst onto the scene two years ago.

Leading with a funky guitar rhythm section and an ear catching melody, “You” deserves a listen.

Definitely for fans of early Bloc Party, the Kooks, or acts associated with the Japanese city pop revival.

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“殖+Battle from the bottom”

Instrumental rock band tfvsjs returned in 2016 with a new album titled “Zoi”.

A purposely-darker affair compared to their 2013 debut album “Equal Unequals to Equal” sees the band head into more technical territory.

While the catchy hooks of old may be harder to find this time around, the increasingly technical instrumental interplay and dynamics sound no less impressive.

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The Low Mays

Truly a product of the Internet age, the Low Mays is a hip-hop collective from Hong Kong that is part joke, part serious.

Their song “金牙金錶金鏈” (“Gold Tooth Gold Chain Gold Watch”) sounds like a smashed up version of A$AP Rocky’s 2013 hit “Goldie”, but that is precisely what makes it so appealing.

Absolutely irreverent and profane, the song is sure to leave an impact, or at the very least invoke some good conversation.

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