Best Albums of 2016
selected by Signos.FM and Hispanoparlante

Los Mundos <BR>“Las Montañas”

Los Mundos
“Las Montañas”

Luis Ángel Martínez and Alejandro Elizondo are the minds behind the Monterrey duo Los Mundos.

Their fourth studio album in five years, “Las Montañas” is a perfect blend of Stoner Psych and Guitar Brilliance.

♪♫ Listen: “El color que cayó del espacio” + album stream

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Lorelle Meets the Obsolete <BR>“Balance”

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

Lorena Quintanilla y Alberto González live in Ensenada, Baja California, but they’re originally from Guadalajara.

With “Balance”, the duo show their psychedelic blend of krautrock, shoegaze and experimental noise.

Lorena’s vocal work and powerful sound of the guitar create spacey atmospherics to a superb effect.

♪♫ Listen: “Balance” + album stream

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Bocafloja <BR>“Cumbé”


After four years, we finally have a new album of Bocafloja. Without giving up the tone he’s been faithful to from the beginning of his career, in “Cumbé” the reflection on the liberation and enjoyment of our existence as black and brown people is omnipresent.

“Cumbé” is a word of Yoruba origin, which means celebration and festivity. “Distopía” was the first single of this new album, in which Bocafloja collaborates with the soul singer and composer Imma.

♪♫ Listen: “Distopía” + album stream

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Dromedarios Mágicos <BR>“Temporada”

Dromedarios Mágicos

Diego Puerta, better known as Dromedarios Mágicos, is a folk Singer from Chihuahua. With his guitar and his distinct voice, he creates songs directly speaking to your feelings.

A melancholic record, “Temporada” describes universal situations like the lack of love. Diego is not yet 21 years old, but he is already making history with his prolific songwriting.

♪♫ Listen: “Fuimos” + album stream

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Hong Kong Blood Opera <BR>“The Bruce Willis Experience & the Future is Bullshit”

Hong Kong Blood Opera
“The Bruce Willis Experience & the Future is Bullshit”

After 2009, Hong Kong Blood Opera took a break and for a moment it could cross your mind we won’t hear anything from them again. Fortunately, 2016 brought them back.

19 songs, 39 minutes make up a disc, which compared to the industrial and aggressive style they followed earlier, now goes more into electro and dance, but without losing its characteristic power.

♪♫ Listen: “Unicorn Killer” + album stream

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Policías y Ladrones <BR>“Flores”

Policías y Ladrones

“All the albums are better on Friday …”, sounds this cold phrase in what could be the middle of a break up, either with a loved one or a friend.

Sincerity seems to be the problem of everything, or at least that’s what Tijuana’s Policías y Ladrones sing about in “Siempre No” from the album “Flores”, which we heard first in November.

♪♫ Listen: “Siempre no” + album stream

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San Pedro el Cortez <BR>“Un Poco Más de Luz”

San Pedro el Cortez
“Un Poco Más de Luz”

Between garage and punk, between psychedelia and post punk, you will find the music of San Pedro El Cortez‘s first LP.

In the beginnings of rock in Mexico, Tijuana became an essential place to understand the music and proposals that nourish the scene.

“Un Poco Más de Luz” is a blow in the face, combining an excess of guitarrazos and constant drum rhythms. And the fury of the lyrics keeps coming back to the front of the stage.

♪♫ Listen: “Asco” + album stream

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Joliette <BR>“Atáxico”


Joliette is a band from Puebla, Mexico, and their music contains elements of post-rock, post-metal, post-punk, and post-hardcore.

It’s the genre of “post-everything”, as the members of the band define it themselves.

“Atáxico” perfectly blends emotions with rawness of life. The power and noise of Joliette’s music has taken them far and high, just like the rhythm of the music they create.

♪♫ Listen: “Henry Coyote” + album stream

Joliette on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Yokozuna <BR>“neilyoung”


In the sonority of “neilyoung”, we find distortion of guitars, repetitive melodies, forceful drums, and encounter certain influences of the adolescence of Arturo and Antonio.

All of this is executed with the experience they have collected over more than 10 years of making music. Each theme of the album can relate to a character from our closest circle.

♪♫ Listen: “¿De qué sirve la resistencia?” + album stream

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Los Viejos <BR>“La Sociedad del Miedo”

Los Viejos
“La Sociedad del Miedo”

On their second album “La Sociedad del Miedo”, the Mexico City duo Los Viejos critique modern times we live in, in which a screen has control of our minds.

As punk and trash metal vibrate in their veins, Viejo Eustaquio and Viejo Jacobo call for return to the physical world and the real contact with other people.

♪♫ Listen: “Zona de Confort” + album stream

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Titán <BR>“Dama”


The Mexican cult band are back with “Dama”, their first new album in over ten years.

The project consisting of Julián Lede, Emilio Acevedo and Jay de la Cueva are one of Mexico’s most influential electronic acts.

“Dama” represents a major shift in the band’s sound with jams and mysterious experiments. This is a new chapter in their career. “Titán nunca se fue”.

♪♫ Listen: “El Rey del Swing” + album stream

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Little Jesus <BR>“Río Salvaje”

Little Jesus
“Río Salvaje”

Four years after their debut álbum “Norte”, acclaimed group Little Jesus releases “Río Salvaje”.

The Mexico City quintet showed that they are more than a domino effect of constant work. Little Jesus are able to do more than tropipop and repeat a formula that worked for them for four years.

They manage to make phrases such as “Yo las canciones y tú la magia”, which can transcend for years, and to create a universe of pop sounds different than that we have been used to.

♪♫ Listen: “La Luna” + album stream

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