Best Tracks of 2016
selected by Marius Ghenț


Temple Invisible

This electronic track from Temple Invisible is just right for those moments when you need to log off and enjoy life. I mean, it’s no coincidence that it’s called “Breathe”.

The chorus goes like this: “When you suffocate / just breathe”. That is quite wise, isn’t it?

Temple Invisible on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook.


OK Corral
“Love Periscope”

Every once in a while a track comes along that perfectly describes that feeling you get when you come home from a party, in the middle of August.

And you catch the first rays of sunlight, and you think to yourself “man, this was great, I hope I don’t have to go to work in a couple of hours”.

“Love periscope” is one of those songs.

OK Corral on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.


“Rabda Inima”

Speaking of samples (look to the right), this one also makes heavy use of a traditional Romanian folk song.

Subcarpati are known for this simple yet effective combination. They’ve been doing it for over seven years. And there haven’t been any complaints yet.

Subcarpati on Facebook, www.


Maximilian with Grasu XXL & Satra BENZ

This song proves how important a sample can be. It can make or break a good beat, to be honest. In this case, it is the backbone of the track.

You really don’t have to know the words, or their meanings, to appreciate it. Music is a universal language. I guess. That’s what they say.

So if it sounds good to your ears, than it is also the right language.

Maximilian on Facebook, www.


“Regina Tristetii”

This is new and improved version of a song that appeared ealier on the “Cântece de petrecere” EP from Ion Din Dorobanți. It sounds obviously heavier than the previous one, but it still manages to make you shake your hips, while you head-bang.

That’s quite a feat. And it’s mostly because of Horațiu Șerbănescu and Andrei Dinescu, the guys behind the keys. And really, the synthesizers are the backbone of this song.

Impex on Facebook, Soundcloud.



“Blowback” is a song about a threesome and that should be enough of a description for you to check it out.

Otherside on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.


Vita de Vie “Metafora de toamna (Pana in zori)”

Another legendary band in the Romanian alternative rock scene. They put out an amazing record last year, albeit quite short, and are currently recording the next one, while being on the road.

I have no idea how they do it. It’s like they become more and more productive as the years go by, without losing their edge. The song “Metafora de toamna (Pana in zori)” is a perfect example of that.

Vita de Vie on Facebook.


YellLow feat. Mihai Ristea
“Do It Again”

“Do It Again” doesn’t sound at all like what YellLow have been putting out in the past. Probably because it was produced by Mihai Ristea from the excellent band Golan. It has just the right amount of weird electronic sounds to balance out the catchy side of it.

I asked Mihai to tell us a bit more about the song: “I started writing the track about two years ago, and it was especially for YellLow. I wanted to see if we can make something a bit more downtempo. After a while I remembered it and we decided to finish it.” Thank God they did.

YellLow on Facebook, YouTube.


“Luna “

This is such a wonderful song. It’s called “Luna”, which is the Romanian word for “Moon”.

Yes, I know, there are plenty of songs about the moon, and most of them are, let’s say, not so interstellar, but this one is a synth-pop track about our natural satellite.

Yes, a synth-pop track about the moon. It’s really the perfect combination. You can’t miss this.

Omelette on Facebook, Bandcamp, www.


Deliric & Silent Strike

What happens when one of the most important electronic music producers from Romania teams up with one of the best MCs around? If your guess was “they make the best rap album of the year”, then you are right.

This song is a great introduction to their record, which I recommand you check out ASAP.

Deliric on Facebook, Soundcloud, www. Silent Strike on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.


Cred Că Sunt Extraterestru
“Floare de Maidan”

By far, Cred Că Sunt Extraterestru are the most experimental band from the Subcarpați-collective from Bucharest.

They specialize in rap, but you really can’t say that their 2016 hit “Floare de Maidan” is a rap song, even though it is. Or is it? Find out for yourself.

Cred Că Sunt Extraterestru on Facebook.


Coma “Cel mai frumos loc de pe pământ”

The boys are better than ever, which is somehow surprising if you take in the fact that they have had a very long career that started way back in 2000. They’ve never fell off or anything, but for some reason they have really hit their mark lately.

Let’s take this song for example. It’s the perfect blend between alternative rock and melodic, mellow sounds. This has been their core sound all these years, yet somehow they manage to keep it fresh.

COMA on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, www.


Loungerie II

There’s so much to love about this track. From the energetic post-rock intro to the really cool guitar riff that kicks in just after the middle part of the song.

That just sounds hypnotic. But I think my favorite part is definitely the singers voice. Screaming never sounded this good.

Loungerie II on Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube.


Renato din Sălaj & Ion Din Dorobanți “Nu e înjoseală (N-am cărți de credit)”

Ion din Dorobanti, who last year put a fantastic EP on the same label – and also appeared in our Best of 2015 – has now teamed up with Renato din Salaj for a track straight out of the “dark side of manele”.

If you don’t know what that means, it’s ok, no one does. But it sounds incredible. And that’s all that matters, really.

Future Nuggets on Soundcloud, Facebook.