Best Albums of 2016
compiled by Hrup Mag team

Borka <BR>“Player Piano”

“Player Piano”

Although it feels like that this guy’s been around practically forever and in almost every imaginable role in the local music scene, it’s hard to imagine this is only his second studio effort.

On “Player Piano” Borka again does what he does best: samples, chops and glues a wide spectre of musical streams into a fluid and seamless blend of hip-hop and electronics.

Among the mostly calm and slow-fashioned groove cuts we can also find some body-moving numbers and a guest appearance by one of the most prominent Slovenian rappers N’toko. (Matic Urbanc)

♪♫ Listen: “Brass Ballad” + album stream

Borka on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

Malidah <BR>“Lonely Souls”

“Lonely Souls”

Venturing out on her own after 2015’s self-titled debut by the now defunct Liamere, Kaja Skrbinšek – Malidah stayed true to that album’s soulful aesthetic and sensual vocal expression while dialling up the intimacy.

She sings over smooth, unpretentious layers of electronica, sprinkled with glitches, samples and effects that expand the songs into dreamspace. Often eschewing words in favour of sighs and moans, Malidah relies on her voice to express the turmoil within, her confessionals bringing to mind FKA twigs and similar artists.

Tinged with Oriental and R&B flavours, “Lonely Souls” is not so much lonely as it is lovely. (Daniel Sheppard)

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Malidah on Bandcamp, Facebook.

persons from porlock <BR>“things people don’t like”

persons from porlock
“things people don’t like”

persons from porlock don’t like CAPS LOCK. But they definitely have a passion for psychedelic indie rock and bands like Tame Impala.

Their debut “things people don’t like” wasn’t only a pleasant surprise on the Slovenian scene but also another strong statement of the new wave of local bands which are digging into the music history and translating it for a new generation.

The quartet’s album can easily soundtrack all the upcoming hazy summers, it’s a record of echoing atmospheres taking you on journeys that usually peak with wild guitar solos. Have some sun. (Andraž Kajzer)

♪♫ Listen: “charlie” + album stream

persons from porlock on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

Carnaval <BR>“Miss Universe”

“Miss Universe”

Stoner rock at its best. Carnaval had made a heavy greasy album which can easily stand side by side to all great classics of the genre.

Everything is where it needs to be: a chunk of psychedelic rock, a lot of heavy riffs and solos, playful bass and strong drumming that binds it all together. The lyrics and vocals are also great but you will discover this by yourself.

It took them over a year to produce the album but it was worth the wait. So, if you are a proper stoner rocker or a fan of psychedelic rock take some shit and play it loud. (Žiga Jenko)

♪♫ Listen: “Rocket” + album stream

Carnaval on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, www.

.čunfa <BR>“Obsolete”


I wrote about .čunfa for beehype just a few weeks ago and here he is again. This time regarding his 2016 debut album “Obsolete” which is a remarkable work made by the 17-year-old producer.

.čunfa comes from the Slovenian seaside and produces beats and landscapes with the base in hip-hop but he’s not afraid to experiment. His music moods are broad – from trippy laid back to heavily clubish, and “Obsolete” is definitely something to check for all the fans of the beats scene. (Andraž Kajzer)

♪♫ Listen: “HARSH” + album stream

.čunfa on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram + beehype.

Haiku Garden <BR>“Waver” EP

Haiku Garden
“Waver” EP

This young 4-piece from Ljubljana had quite a year. Their debut release “Waver” is a vividly imaginative take on shoegazey guitars, hallucinatory vocals and harmonies, underpinned by pop catchiness and noise explorations.

Though drawing from the past, their soundscape has a fresh twist to it, and who knows where curiosity will take them next. Interpret the often-heard etiquette “the new Beatles” as you will, but surely this is a band to look out for. (Matic Urbanc)

♪♫ Listen: “Rosetta” + album stream

Haiku Garden on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram + beehype.

Širom <BR>“I.”


Ana and Samo come from Slovenian traditional and improvisational musical circles while Iztok has more of a rock background. This combination of open people made music a meditative combination of traditional and repetitive forms. Mostly instrumental music takes what it gets at the given moment and it allows the trio to easily blend musical worlds that are rarely crossed.

Each of the band members remains an individual while playing but with awareness of the collective music they are all creating. This gives an attentive listener many layers, worlds and stories to discover. If your exploring spirit is hungry than this is a big must to enter with your ears opened.
(Žiga Jenko)

♪♫ Listen: “Trilogija First part” + album stream

Širom on Facebook, Wikipedia, www.

Blaž <BR>“Don’t Listen To This”

“Don’t Listen To This”

It can’t be easy, morphing the complexity so often associated with IDM into more accessible tunes with broader appeal, but Blaž seems more than capable of doing it.

With a deep-rooted love of hip-hop and originating from the same scene as his childhood pal and global superstar Gramatik, his mainly instrumental output seamlessly transitions from more cerebral sonic explorations to chill summery vibes and even absolute bangers.

This is his first proper album after a compilation of earlier work and a couple of EPs, but make no mistake – it’s the work of a master, not an apprentice. Do listen to this. (Daniel Sheppard)

♪♫ Listen: “Air Finally!” + album stream

Blaž on Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook + beehype.

Matter <BR>“Amphibios”


It’s been a crazy year for Matter, the most talked about and quite obviously the most exciting music phenomenon Slovenia has produced in ages.

The trio burst onto the scene sonically flying somewhere between cloud rap and trap, lyrically walking the fine line between deep and meaningless, while always managing to look and sound cooler than you. Many of those who witnessed any of the Matter crowd-pleasing live shows full of enjoyable rap-alongs usually don’t stop talking about it for days, but it is the group’s debut album that really made us believe the hype.

“Amphibios” will stand the test of time as an ambitious pop-rap record full of alternative production twists and insanely quotable/memeable wordplay that instantly found its way into the vocabulary of Ljubljana youth. (Jernej Trebežnik)

♪♫ Listen: “Safari” + album stream

Matter on Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud.

It’s everyone else <BR>“Heaven is an empty room”

It’s everyone else
“Heaven is an empty room”

The feral duo from Ljubljana reigns atop this year’s Slovenian chart with its most polished release yet, but that isn’t to say the chaotic blend of raw emotion, pure aggression and fury has lost any of its edge or potency.

Crashing synthetic riffs, dual vocal duties and a copious amount of attitude prove that It’s everyone else enjoy doing what they’re doing, do it well and, perhaps most importantly, aren’t willing to compromise it for the sake of mass appeal.

If heaven really is an empty room, it’s because all the cool kids are raging to this album in an overcrowded cellar somewhere. (Daniel Sheppard)

♪♫ Listen: “Full spoon, bent to the right” + album stream

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