Best Albums of 2016
selected by Emir Aksoy

Acaipademler <BR>“Budala”


This is the second album of a Turkish rock trio Acaipademler, who generally like to use very important and famous lyrics from the Anatolian and world literature. And they don’t care about album covers, so we used a substitute.

♪♫ Listen: “Tufan” + album stream (Soundcloud)

Acaipademler on Facebook, Soundcloud.

Adamlar <BR>“Rüyalarda Buruşmuşuz”

“Rüyalarda Buruşmuşuz”

After their first album “Eski Dostum Tankla Gelmiş” shaked the entire scene in 2014, last year we all expected some news from Adamlar and it did eventually come: “Rüyalarda Buruşmuşuz”.

♪♫ Listen: “Rüyalarda Buruşmuşum” + album stream (YouTube)

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Asena Akan <BR>“Golden Heart”

Asena Akan
“Golden Heart”

Three years after her debut, Asena Akan – one of the few jazz singers in the scene – released her second album named “Golden Heart”. First video off the album comes for the first song on the record: “You Broke My Soul But”.

♪♫ Listen: “You Broke My Soul But” + album stream (YouTube)

Asena Akan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

Başak Yavuz <BR>“A Little Red Bug”

Başak Yavuz
“A Little Red Bug”

Not only a jazz album, but it includes many genres and different winds in it. Another inspiring record coming three years after the debut work from Başak Yavuz.

♪♫ Listen: “A Little Red Bug” + album stream (Spotify)

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Bi’ Şarkım Var! Stüdyo

Bi’ Şarkım Var! Stüdyo

This is not only a compilation, it is a summary of an open stage performance series for singer-songwriters, and also a radio programme on Açık Radyo with the same name nearly for three years.

♪♫ Listen: “Beat” (by Kudret Kurtcebe) + album stream (Spotify)

Bi’ Şarkım Var on Facebook, Instagram, www.

Cihan Mürtezaoğlu <BR>“Bitsin Bu Delilik”

Cihan Mürtezaoğlu
“Bitsin Bu Delilik”

After just a single in 2015, Cihan Mürtezaoğlu finally released an album called “Bitsin Bu Delilik” last year, which shows his much more than just a singer-songwriter – he’s a very talented arranger and composer too.

♪♫ Listen: “Deli” + album stream (YouTube)

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Efe Demiral <BR>“Inside Out”

Efe Demiral
“Inside Out”

A very precious guitar album from Efe Demiral. We know him as a guitarist in many projects and bands from İstanbul, but with this record he gives us a work which is hard to find in today’s musical landscape.

♪♫ Listen: “Inside Out” + album stream (Spotify)

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El Topo <BR>“Ye’cüc Me’cüc” EP

El Topo
“Ye’cüc Me’cüc” EP

On “Ye’cüc Me’cüc”, we get just three songs but they last over 20 minutes and they’ll give you a shake-up wherever you are at the moment.

With their new EP, El Topo remind us how good hard sound is.

Listen: “I – Kali” + album stream (Bandcamp)

El Topo on Facebook, Bandcamp.

Ezgi Aktan <BR>“İyi ki”

Ezgi Aktan
“İyi ki”

“İyi ki” is an album full of naive songs, giving you a chance for a half-an-hour relax. After you have listened to it, you might feel like you didn’t experience 2016 in Turkey.

♪♫ Listen: “Bundan İbaret” + album stream (YouTube)

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Flört <BR>“Aşk Böyleymiş Meğer”

“Aşk Böyleymiş Meğer”

They don’t care about the digital revolution, they still do all their recordings in the analog way. And that gives us a really great analog sound!

♪♫ Listen: “Aşk Böyleymiş Meğer” + album stream (YouTube)

Aşk Böyleymiş Meğer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, www.

Gaye Su Akyol <BR>“Hologram İmparatorluğu”

Gaye Su Akyol
“Hologram İmparatorluğu”

Second album from the remarkable Turkish singer Gaye Su Akyol shows she’s still going her own way. Influenced by classical Turkish music, she develops it with a modern understanding but without distorting the essence of it.

♪♫ Listen: “Eski Tüfek” + album stream (Spotify)

Gaye Su Akyol on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter + beehype.

Gözyaşı Çetesi <BR>“Garip Davam”

Gözyaşı Çetesi
“Garip Davam”

We’ve been waiting for this album from Gözyaşı Çetesi for a very long time, as Gözyaşı Çetesi are one of the oldest bands in this list – formed in 2004. But “Garip Davam” was worth all the wait.

♪♫ Listen: “Sana Anlatmam Gerek” + album stream (Spotify)
Gözyaşı Çetesi on Facebook.

Jakuzi <BR>“Fantezi Müzik”

“Fantezi Müzik”

For Jakuzi, I think we can say the new wave of Turkish synth pop is here! This fresh project started by well-known musicians took the attention of everybody in a very short time.

♪♫ Listen: “Koca Bir Saçmalık” + album stream

Jakuzi on Facebook, Instagram.

Kalben <BR>“Kalben”


Kalben’s story seems like a fairy tale. Coming up from the alternative scene, in 2016 – with the album carrying her own name – she appeared on all top lists not only in the indie circuit, but also in mainstream area.

♪♫ Listen: “Doya Doya” + album stream (YouTube)

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Kolektif İstanbul <br>“Pastırma Yazı”

Kolektif İstanbul
“Pastırma Yazı”

For their 10th birthday, Kolektif İstanbul released their fourth album. As usual, it is nice. As usual, it is universal! Give a little break for this balcanic trip.

♪♫ Listen: “Acımadı Yine” + album stream (YouTube)

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M4NM <BR>“M4NM 0008”

“M4NM 0008”

M4NM is one of the most important hip hop collectives in the country, with approximately 20 musicians and 40 releases since the beginning in 2009.

Their eighth year brought a compilation called “0008”, which gives you an idea about the alternative hip hop scene of Turkey.

♪♫ Listen: “Geceler” + album stream (Bandcamp)

M4NM on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Norrda <BR>“Sonu Yok”

“Sonu Yok”

This is one of the most exciting album on this list also because it’s coming from a band which was silent for the last 9 years. These three people are living in seperate parts of the world, which makes their meetings always exciting.

♪♫ Listen: “Sonu Yok” + album stream (Spotify)

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Öfkeli Kalabalık <br>“#bittigitti”

Öfkeli Kalabalık

There are some Öfkeli Kalabalık’s EPs and records from the last three years. But “#bittigitti” is their first LP filled with rock’n roll atmosphere.

♪♫ Listen: “Bugünlerde” + album stream (Spotify)

Öfkeli Kalabalık on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Önder Focan & Şallıel Bros. <BR>“Funkbook”

Önder Focan & Şallıel Bros.

As the title “Funkbook” suggests, what you hear is actually what you feel! Legendary jazz musician Ender Focan on guitar and Şallıel Bros. on saxes with some other great musicians.

♪♫ Listen: “Jamming with the Ambassador Bluesman” + album stream (Spotify)

Önder Focan on Facebook, www. Şallıel Bros. on Facebook,

Pilot <BR>“Damar”


Pilot was planning to release an official album last year, then at some point they decided to simply share their songs on YouTube. “Damar” is a “progressive arabesque cover project”, full of famous iconic songs of Turkish music.

♪♫ Listen: “Ben İnsan Değil miyim” + album stream (YouTube)

Pilot on Facebook, YouTube.

Reptilians From Andromeda <BR>“Whatever”

Reptilians From Andromeda

I think Reptilians From Andromeda are more famous in the US and UK compared to their status in Turkey. Appropriately to the their name, the band’s music does sound really like coming from another planet.

♪♫ Listen: “Blood Planet” + album stream (Spotify)

Reptilians From Andromeda on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.

RSPC <BR>“Le Cafard”

“Le Cafard”

roadside.picnic is a great hip hop duo consisting of Ağaçkakan and Armonycoma (or slt). Apart from their new release, “Le Cafard”, it’s recommended to check out all works they’ve been part of.

♪♫ Listen: “Etrafındalar” + album stream (Soundcloud)

RSPC Le Cafard on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

Selim Saraçoğlu <BR>“Başka Bir Vaha”

Selim Saraçoğlu
“Başka Bir Vaha”

One of the greatest releases of 2016 came from İstanbul’s Selim Saraçoğlu. He had been cooking those songs for quite long. But if you only taste them, you’ll understand this kind of music needs a long long time to ripen.

♪♫ Listen: “Çocuk Şarkısı” + album stream (YouTube)

Selim Saraçoğlu on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram.

Şirin Soysal <BR>“Mutlu Melankolik”

Şirin Soysal
“Mutlu Melankolik”

Very impressive third album named “Mutlu Melankolik” from one of the most amazing singer-songwriters in the Turkish scene, Şirin Soysal. With some jazz influences in her singing, Şirin Soysal is a totally singular figure and a real treat for explorers of Turkish music.

♪♫ Listen: “Mutlu Melankolik” + album stream (YouTube)

Şirin Soysal on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, www + beehype.

TSU! <BR>“Dadebe”


Started five years ago, TSU! is a solo project by Istanbul-born musician James Hakan Dedeoglu. On “Dadebe”, melodies take you from the daily chaos into another planet with more space and less people.

♪♫ Listen: “Kaptan Zaman” + album stream (Spotify)

TSU! on Facebook, Soundcloud.

Ülkü Aybala Sunat <BR>“Artiz Kahvesi”

Ülkü Aybala Sunat
“Artiz Kahvesi”

Very smooth and refreshing album not far away from what Kabak & Lin Records have got us used to. This time they introduce us to İstanbul-based singer Ülkü Aybala Sunat.

♪♫ Listen: “Başka Türlü” + album stream (Spotify)

Ülkü Aybala Sunat on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, www.

Yank <BR>“I/I”


One of the last great albums to be released in 2016 was Yank’s debut LP, “I/I”. Very confident entry into Turkey’s independent music scene.

♪♫ Listen: “Hal Değil” + album stream (Spotify)

Yank on Facebook.

Yiğit Seferoğlu <BR>“Karadelikte Bir Martı” EP

Yiğit Seferoğlu
“Karadelikte Bir Martı” EP

Yiğit Seferoğlu released two EPs and a single last year, which made a total of 10 songs. All of them – just great. You can start with the four-track “Karadelikte Bir Martı”, released in spring.

♪♫ Listen: “Bir Ses Çıkar” + album stream (Soundcloud)

Yiğit Seferoğlu on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

Yok Öyle Kararlı Şeyler <BR>“Beklenen”

Yok Öyle Kararlı Şeyler

Yok Öyle Kararlı Şeyler, also known as YÖKŞ, are one of a few alternative rock bands in Turkey whose audience and prestige has been growing with every consecutive release. And it’s also true about their new effort, “Beklenen”.

♪♫ Listen: “Kalabalıklar” + album stream (Spotify)

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