Best Tracks of 2017
selected by Samir Čulić

Basheskia & Edward EQ
“Armagedon” (ft. Adnan Šaran)

Basheskia & Edward EQ are two musicians with respectable individual careers – first one as a drummer, and the other one as an opera singer. Together they make cross-genre electronic music, often used in film, theater, and other artistic production.

In 2017 they were quite busy – it started with Eurosonic gig, continued with LP “Fatherland”, after which they made this electro-rock collaboration with one of the rock icons of Sarajevo.

They ended with Basheskia’s take on creation of accompanying music for poetry of Mehmed Begić.

Basheskia & Edward EQ on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

“Home” (feat. Kiril Kuzmanov)

Diamusk is the name of the project of a Bosnian singer Adisa Zvekić (former member od Dubioza Kolektiv, La Cherga…) and her husband Aldin Hasanović.

They are now living in Bergen, Norway, and had their second album “Freedom” in 2017.

Another nice dose of dubby/reggae, atmospheric and crossover music is flavoured with one of the best female vocals from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Diamusk on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

Dubioza Kolektiv
“Himna generacije”

One of (if not the) biggest music export products from Bosnia & Herzegovina is Dubioza Kolektiv.

Working/releasing parallel for the audiences on Balkans (on their native language(s)), and abroad (on English, sometimes Spanish), with the mix of Balkan beat/dub/rock/crossover sound they are considered one of the most popular bands from ex-Yugoslavia region.

First single from 2017’s LP “Pjesmice za djecu i odrasle” (Songs for children and adults) is “Himna generacije” (Hymn of the generation).

Dubioza Kolektiv on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Edo Maajka
“Od Sutra”

Edo Maajka is another Bosnian author based outside of his native country.

One of the Balkan’s most respected rappers with a bunch of LPs and singles in last 15 or more years, spent that time living and working in Croatia, then took a pause while living few years in Israel, and now is back, and with a long time wish fulfilled – he has a great band with himself.

That also affected his new sound, and after a couple of singles in 2017., we are eagerly waiting for the new LP to come.

Edo Maajka on Instagram, Facebook.

Grozny Corp.
“Black time stories” (live)

After Lampshade Media published their first LP in 2016. Grozny Corp. unfortunately didn’t perform it much.

Engaged in different other projects, this electro-pop-indie trio based in Sarajevo has made only few surprise gigs and one live recording of of a song that is one of the highlights of “How to forget the missing pieces” LP.

The recording has been made by Jam with friends crew and you can check more of that series for various B&H bands/artist’s live performances.

Grozny Corp. on Soundcloud, Facebook, www.

Helem Nejse
“Kabadahija” (ft. Marko Louis)

One of the best newcomers to Bosnian and regional music scene are Helem Nejse.

Very successful first LP “Go u gostima” is presenting their hip-hop skills, but guys are multi-talented as they prove with their radio, theater, and other forms of expression.

One of those acts that is here to stay for a long, long time. This is a non-album single, and a collaboration with a talented singer and musician from Serbia – Marko Louis.

Helem Nejse on Facebook, Instagram.


No list of most significant releases from B&H in 2017 can go without Hibrid.

This young man has spent last couple of years dedicated to music, running a label (Submarine Vibes), dj-ing, organizing events, and producing his interesting, ambiental/deep electronic music.

After many remixes and couple of singles, in 2017. he published his first LP – Izgubljeni (Lost) with great reviews from all around.

Hibrid on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram.

Holographic Human Element
“Running Away, Reaching For”

Holographic Human Element is a band that toured a big part of Europe even before they published any of their material.

That’s because of their raw live energy presented in instrumentals that some critics described as new age/progressive post-rock or even modern classic with industrial touch.

Instead trying to imagine how something described like that sounds, check out one of the singles from long time expected first LP “Philophobia”.

Holographic Human Element on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram.

“Perfect Sky” (ft. Anja Rikalo)

Ischariotzcky is a name that Joško Klarić (from B&H originally) took when he moved to the nearby seaside town of Brela, Croatia.

The project accompanies some of his friends/musicians from both B&H and Croatia, and it’s far away from the alter-rock sounds that he/they played back in the days.

This is something that people compare to James Blake and soundalikes, but it’s better that you make your own impression/feeling.

Ischariotzcky on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.


Another hip-hop star rising from B&H is a girl called Sassja.

With a pedigree of being only female act of Balkan’s famous FM Jam crew from town of Tuzla, Sassja has two albums under her belt now, and the second one “No problemo” came in 2017.

It’s another proof that Sassja is no incident, but a girl rapper that has come here to stay.

Sassja on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.