Best Albums of 2017
selected by Peter Storgaard

Nelson Can <BR> “EP3”

Nelson Can

I almost forgot Nelson Can while doing this list, which would have been a shame. Nelson Can are three super cool women who create fuzzy, melodic garage rock that makes it difficult to stand still.

I probably heard them for the first time five years ago and they have grown a ton since then. Today, they are one of the brightest young acts in Denmark with an obvious international vibe to them. Watch out, world!

♪♫ Listen: “Break Down Your Walls” + album stream

Nelson Can on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Mew <BR> “Visuals”


Mew is probably one of the most influential Danish bands over the last ten years. Their popularity has been fading a bit over the last few years, but their seventh album “Visuals” might change that.

They get back to their bombastic yet dreamy rock and it suits them a lot. It is quality easy listening that is perfect for relaxation and studying.

♪♫ Listen: “85 Videos” + album stream

Mew on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

MØ <BR> “When I Was Young”

“When I Was Young”

Finally! Danish pop phenomenon MØ is finally going back to her roots after being a Diplo-maniac the last few years.

On “When I Was Young”, which very fittingly opens with the track “Roots”, we get to experience the vulnerable, playful MØ that we all came to love a few years back.

Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come – she’s definitely talented enough to pull it off.

♪♫ Listen: “Roots” + album stream

MØ on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www.

First Hate <BR> “A Prayer for the Unemployed”

First Hate
“A Prayer for the Unemployed”

The debut of Danish two piece First Hate is a tour de force through what synth pop is supposed to be.

It’s super dark, in that heavy, comforting way that reminds you of being alone in a huge city.

Anton Falck Gansted and Joakim Nørgaard has created a unique mix of techno, spoken word, calypso happiness and dark pop, that doesn’t sound like anything else. That’s quite the achievement.

♪♫ Listen: “Bullets of Dust” + album stream

First Hate on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Lowly <BR> “Heba”


“Heba” is as Danish as it gets – in a very good way. Soffie Viemose and Nanna Schannong have created a dreamy pop universe that transcends what you would expect.

Whenever you’re starting to feel comfortable, Lowly adds something extra to keep you intrigued. This balances on musical perfection without ever getting boring.

♪♫ Listen: “Deer Eyes” + album stream

Lowly on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Masasolo <BR> “At Sixes and Sevens”

“At Sixes and Sevens”

I’m pretty sure I had Masasolo’s first EP on this list last year.

Productive spacepopper Morten Søgaard surprised me by releasing his first full-length album so soon after the debut, but it was definitely the right decision.

“At Sixes and Sevens” is a complete journey into the spacey Tame Impala-inspired universe that leaves you longing for more.

♪♫ Listen: “Ordinary Day” + album stream

Masasolo on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Modest <BR> “Pretty Sure It’s Honest I & II”

“Pretty Sure It’s Honest I & II”

This might be considered cheating in today’s day and age, since it’s technically two EP’s in the digital world. In the real, old school world, it’s an A+B-side.

Modest are pretty old school drawing their inspiration from the 80’s British alternative rock scene. However, they have managed to make the sound their own through a focus on the softer side of punk.

It suits them and it suits the Danish music scene.

♪♫ Listen: “Pride” + album stream

Modest on Soundcloud, Facebook.

Cancer <BR> “Totem”


Cancer is the love child of Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine) and Kristian Finne Kristensen (Chorus Grant), and it’s difficult not to get overwhelmed by the love the two have poured into “Totem”.

Vonsild’s fascinating vibrato combined with Finne Kristensen’s exceptional guitar play makes for a meditative and calming experience that you can’t get enough of.

♪♫ Listen: “Honey” + album stream

Cancer on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

Baby in Vain <BR> “More Nothing”

Baby in Vain
“More Nothing”

Baby in Vain might be the trio who started the “girls-do-rock” wave in Denmark, and they are still at the head of the pack.

Their 2017 album is titled “More Nothing”, but to be honest, a more fitting title would be “More More” – as in give me more, more, more!

It’s cool, it’s energetic, it’s everything a classic punk rock record should be.

♪♫ Listen: “To Heaven and Back” + album stream

Baby in Vain on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Soleima <BR> “NO. 14”

“NO. 14”

Sarah Mariegaard a.k.a. Soleima is formerly of the experimental rap group Flødeklinikken and that shows on the delightfully playful “No. 14”.

She is probably the most talented commercial pop artist to come out of Denmark since MØ, and her version of pop music is funky, soft and sexy.

Listen to NO.14, whenever you feel like having a good time.

♪♫ Listen: “Cracks” + album stream

Soleima on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.