Best Guatemalan Tracks of 2017

Alex Hentze
“As If Awake”

Featuring eerie and airy vocals of Mabe Fratti, this song from Alex Hentze is a great introduction to his latest album “A Helpless Presence“, one of 2017’s best releases. “To dream or to rise or to shine,” keep it on repeat.

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B’aktun Cero
“Txe’ Joj”

Whether you love it or hate it, B’aktun Cero’s new album gives you experiences nobody else in this world can offer you. He introduces us the Mayan universe with songs sung in K’iche or Kaqchikel and a sound mix of rock’n’roll and tribal music.

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“Como tu no hay nadie”

Give this song 15 seconds, and even before the proper vocals come in you’ll already by in love with the sound and the atmosphere. And after those few minutes we won’t need to encourage you to check out Bubó’s new EP in its entirety.

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Easy Easy
“Look at Me”

What could be the most sensual song of the year in Guatemala, Easy Easy’s “Look at Me” is just the first single off their upcoming new album recorded with a new line-up. Modern R&B in its most aerial incarnation.

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“Collective Awakening”

The eponymous song from Filoxera’s fantastic new album “Collective Awakening” brings all the emotional variety and sound colours of this release, squeezing as much as you can in just 4 minutes. Be sure to check out the whole LP afterwards.

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Gabriel Fuentes
“Del caos al cosmos”

The first song on Gabriel Fuentes’ new EP “Del caos al cosmos“, the eponymous song is a waltz-like ballad in 3/4 with a classic rock vibe and a fantastic, rich arrangement. For those who appreciate sentimental melodies.

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Jesse Baez
“Apaga La Luz” (Alizzz Remix)

In this weirder and possibbly better version of the hit single “Apaga La Luz“, Alizzz deducts some of its pop shine, but adds a completely new later or even two.

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“These City Lights”

From Lejanos’ latest EP titled “Violenta“, this official single showcases the depth of Jorge Rueda’s production and Cynthia Fión’s ornamental singing – something rare in pop music, so even more precious.

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Rebeca Lane
“Ni una menos”

Monotonous and rebellious at the same time, this early 2017 single from acclaimed rapper Rebeca Eunice Vargas Tamayac set the mood for the whole year to come. And one year after, it is still resounding in our hearts.

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“La Tira”

You need to use half a dozen of tags – garage, funk, stoner, rockabilly, punk, reggae – and it still won’t be enough to describe the noise this band from Guatemala City make. But with all the variety of its sounds, styles and rhythms, “La Tira” is a great introduction to their first LP.

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