Best Albums of 2017
selected by Lelle Buzas

Christopher Waver <BR> “Chronon” EP

Christopher Waver
“Chronon” EP

Huszár Kristóf, formerly knwn as the producer and bass guitarist of AGAVOID came out with his solo project only in the summer of 2016 when he decided to reform all the things we know about experimental electronic music. His way of composing became educational and his sund could not be put in words.

This recent sci-fi EP is about a scientist in the distant future, when people are depressed because they don’t listen to music anymore so the scientist starts to observe the year 2017 when the manhood used to enjoyed music. Check out the cover of the EP for the whole story and love the sound of it like there is no tomorrow.

♪♫ Listen: “What Happened To Us” + album stream

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Deep Glaze <BR> “Pressure”

Deep Glaze

If you think that psych-rock is over, you are so wrong. It’s a well known fact that Hungary is always 10 years fallen behind the music industry but hey, here is one refreshing exception!

These guys from Budapest could still make a remarkable album thanks to their blodline which brought some Mediterranean bits and pieces into their music on “Pressure”.

Deep Glaze is over beyond that typical neo-psychrock wave that they are showing some more exciting example of the era. Guitar solos are over personal guitar riffs put in the centre of the attention, thats what make Deep Glaze still rolling.

♪♫ Listen: “Pressure” + album stream

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Dope Calypso <BR> “Chaka Chaka”

Dope Calypso
“Chaka Chaka”

When you hit up the urban dictionary at the word indecorous, the illustration next to it would definitely be the cover of Dope Calypso’s latest album, “Chaka Chaka”.

These guys are getting crazy with the synth and 80’s sounds, when they mixing it with their iconic garage punk style. Outrageous staging, perfect organ, exceptional busts every. single. time.

♪♫ Listen: “Burundi Dance Floor Revolution” + album stream

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Fran Palermo <BR> “Bonerider”

Fran Palermo

After last year’s hit album, Razzle Dazzle, Fran Palermo does not lay back but improve themselves too a completely different sound.

It this album could be put in any move, I would definitely pair it with “The Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”. Listen to their first Hungarian lyrics, “Holdvilágos”.

They feature deeper feelings and stories in the songs, thanks to Rory Winston, who contributed int he songwriting process.

♪♫ Listen: “Holdvilagos” + album stream

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Platon Karataev <BR> “For Her”

Platon Karataev
“For Her”

Named after Tolstoy’s character from “War and Peace”, these guys are not getting in to any war, that is for sure. It’s a somewhat silent observing after a breakup, swinging between childhood and adulthood.

Next to many famous Hungarian poet and writer, it was Keats and Shakespeare who inspired them the most. If you listen to their track “Lady Macbeth” you can hear all of their anger, when the dramatic motifs start to unfold.

♪♫ Listen: “Lady Macbeth” + album stream

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Stas <BR> “Bluebird of Freedom”

“Bluebird of Freedom”

Who could organise better tropical bass parties in Hungary than a Belarusian guy? If you have ever been in Mexico and felt the sand tickling your feet while dancing to the breakbeat there is nothing left to say about Stanislav bendarjevskij’s latest album.

On “Bluebird of Freedom”, he collaborated with artists from his own label, BABYLON records.Whenever you are in Hungary, definitely check out BWOLA for warm (heart)beats.

♪♫ Listen: “Burning Castle” + album stream

Stas on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

Szabó Benedek és a Galaxisok <BR> “Focipályákon sétálsz át éjszaka”

Szabó Benedek és a Galaxisok
“Focipályákon sétálsz át éjszaka”

I wasn’t joking when i said it is impossible avoiding Sallai in the Hungarian music scene. Here is a band where he plays the bass along with Szabó Benedek, Günsberger Ákos and Bradák Soma.

The Galaxisok’s third album is a lot of thing that I don’t like buti t still works somehow. Talinkg about the Hungarian lyrics here. I never liked how musicians use our mother tongue, since it never sounds as put-together to me as the english ones, but these ones work as a poetry for an y generation Budapest based youngster.

Maybe because it speaks about panic attacks, depression, guilt and love without saying out their name loud. Soundwise it is definitely their best so far, not too complicated, but beautiful.

♪♫ Listen: “Boldoggá akarlak tenni” + album stream

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The Somersault Boy <BR> “Come on feel the misery”

The Somersault Boy
“Come on feel the misery”

When you think that life is hard, think about living in Hungary withuout knowing Sallai Laszlo’s music – it is basically impossible. Almost three years after the first Sommersault Boy album here we got the second one.

The best thing about it that each track has it’s own characteristic, like the “Every Night” where the Finnish drummer becomes the songwriter or the Jazz Records which brings back old memories from a post-breakup.

Still, it is not as melancholic as it sounds from my words, but playful and cathy with a bit of teenage-throwback.

♪♫ Listen: “The Acid Party” + album stream

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Unknown Child <BR> “ID check at Night”

Unknown Child
“ID check at Night”

When you see a girl on stage with her guitar only, you ought to think that her presence is fragile and her voice is probably silky.

When you face with Erika’s performances you’ll more likely hear a direct and powerful voice working with a wide range of sounds and impressions coming from eternal loneliness.

Compared to her other project, Gustave Tiger, you can clearly feel that project is deep, intimate, noisy and raw.

♪♫ Listen: “Ghost on the phone” + album stream

Unknown Child on Bandcamp, Facebook.

Window <BR> “Take what you want”

“Take what you want”

Only formed last year, the musicians of the Window could be seen at Pontoon and Jam Sessions couple of times before, trying out each other’s talent.

Now they made the most awaited album f 2017, mixing together classic sould and blues beats with hip hop and electronic parts. They worked together with guest artists like Babé Sila, Stas, or the rapper M3nsa.

♪♫ Listen: “Something Beautiful” + album stream

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