Best Albums of 2017
selected by David Pearl

Ania Bukstein <BR> “Rokedet”

Ania Bukstein

With nine beautifully crafted songs on her second album, Ania is showcasing her amazing abilities for some grown up pop and how it can be fun and happy but at the same time emotional and sensitive.

One of them is the smash hit “Rokedet (Dancing)” with the famous Offer Nissim.

♪♫ Listen: “Rokedet feat. Offer Nissim” + album stream

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Avigail Roz <BR> “Hasrita Shebaparket”

Avigail Roz
“Hasrita Shebaparket”

Tel Aviv-based singer-songwriter Avigail Roz is not a stranger in the local indie Israeli scene.

Her new album, called “Hasrita Shebaparket”, is another step forward with a beautiful set of nine heartbreaking songs about love and heartache.

♪♫ Listen: “Tni Laruach” + album stream

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Aya Zahavi Feiglin <BR> “America” EP

Aya Zahavi Feiglin
“America” EP

Aya is known for her connection to more rocky music especially as part of her band Kol Hachatichim Etzli).

But on this incredible EP she decided to take her rock attitude and amazing voice to a more electro pop direction with exploding music which makes her melancholic lyrics about the day to day life and feelings hurt more but in a bitter sweet way.

♪♫ Listen: “Sport” + album stream

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CohenBeats <BR> “Daily Affirmations”

“Daily Affirmations”

Mixing old Israeli music samples with hip hop tunes and funky vibes CohenBeats (Michael Cohen) is connecting again the Israeli landscapes to the LA hip hop scene.

This connection doesn’t make much sense in the beginning but after you have listened to this album it will surly make a lot of sense. Nothing less is expected from one of the first Israeli hip hop visionaries.

♪♫ Listen: “Get Started” + album stream

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Ester Rada <BR> “Different Eyes”

Ester Rada
“Different Eyes”

The queen of soul and funk has finally arrived.

After a great debut EP followed by full LP that was very good but not perfect, Ester Rada released an outstanding second LP.

“Different Eyes” is full with big and dense sound pushing her voice to new levels, combining anger with softness in this smooth album.

♪♫ Listen: “Cry For Me” + album stream

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Eviatar Banai <BR> “Leshonot Shel Esh”

Eviatar Banai
“Leshonot Shel Esh”

On his 6th album, Eviatar gives us his most complete album till now. Not only music-wise but also the subjects. He’s finally grown out off all of his fears and question.

On “Leshonot Shel Esh”, every song is gorgeous and makes your heart feel at home.

♪♫ Listen: “Or Betzel” + album stream

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Flora <BR> “Makom”


Flora’s first try with songs in Hebrew is such a massive success that we can only wonder how it didn’t happen before.

She sounds so comfortable in her mother tongue and combined with the electronic sounds everything sounds so dreamy and beautiful which made me press the repeat button over and over again.

♪♫ Listen: “Shir Leshipur Matzav Haruach” + album stream

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Hadas Kleinman & Aviv Bachar <BR> “Pa’am Achat”

Hadas Kleinman & Aviv Bachar
“Pa’am Achat”

The combination of Hadas Kleinman’s cello and Aviv Bachar’s guitars and their voices (together and separately) is what makes this 9-song album so great.

Moving between quiet songs to rocky songs very naturally and keeping the tension of a quiet storm that is about to hit any moment now so gracefully.

♪♫ Listen: “Paam Achat” + album stream

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Karolina <BR> “Shalosh”


Karolina’s last album establishes her as a real diva: Disco Diva, Funk Diva, Ballad Diva and so much more.

Every song in this incredible record called “Shalosh” can make your heart and soul dance.

It’s an album about motherhood, about love and care and as such it will make you fall in love with her mixture of old and new vibes in 13 perfectly made songs.

♪♫ Listen: “Anan” + album stream

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Lola Marsh <BR> “Remember Roses”

Lola Marsh
“Remember Roses”

One of the most anticipated albums of 2017 and all the waiting really paid off. 13 heartbreakingly beautiful songs crafted by Yael Cohen, Gil Landau and their amazing band connecting all to one record.

“Remember Roses” is filled with sadness and happiness and Yael’s incredible voice (if Lana Del Rey and Dolly Parton would be sisters Yael for sure could be the third sister). You must catch them performing live!

♪♫ Listen: “You’re Mine” + album stream

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Michal Geva <BR> “YOU R YOUNG”

Michal Geva

In her new album titled “YOU R YOUNG”, Tel Aviv-based artist Michal Geva is combining electronic with folky sounds and surrounding her aching heartfelt songs with beautiful sounds.

As a result, she has crated a record that will resonate with you for a long time.

♪♫ Listen: “In Charge” + album stream

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Noga Erez <BR> “Off The Radar”

Noga Erez
“Off The Radar”

On her groundbreaking album Noga is changing the game rules and challenging pop with her new interpretation of how pop should sound these days.

Heavy, bassy, soft-at-times, political and mind blowing. And it all works out incredibly with 15 futuristic pop tunes and head bangers accompanied by some of the most beautiful videos of the year.

♪♫ Listen: “Pity” + album stream

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Omer Adam <BR> “Acharei Kol Hashanim”

Omer Adam
“Acharei Kol Hashanim”

Omer Adam is the prince of the Middle Eastern pop, ruling the radio playlists and top selling each of his albums.

On his latest record, “Acharei Kol Hashanim”, he’s taking a new direction with beautifully crafted ballads alongside his familiar dance tunes and for such a young artist (he’s only 24) his ballads are talking from a point of view of a much older artist.

But thanks to his deep and interesting voice he’s successfully telling the his stories in this album.

♪♫ Listen: “Acharei Kol Hashanim” + album stream

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Or Edry <BR> “KIDOD”

Or Edry

Or Edry’s new album sounds like something you would comfortably find next to records from the 60s and early 70s by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot and that’s a good thing.

As one half of the duo Rio, she brought to her own music the funky disco tunes but much more relaxed and more cinematic.

It’s absolutely gorgeous especially when you never think about this kind of music sung in Hebrew and somehow (thanks to Or’s genius abilities) it works so well.

♪♫ Listen: “Cheder Hoshech” + album stream

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ORI <BR> “1986”


It took ORI five years to follow up his amazing debut album, “Unwind”, and it was worth the waiting.

“1986” is a timeless record and you can feel it from the very first breathing sounds in the beginning.

ORI’s technical abilities of multiplying his vocals and sounds and creating beautifully textured musical landscapes can make your heart melt.

♪♫ Listen: “Black Book” + album stream

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Sivan Talmor <BR> “Fire – Live at Bauer Studios”

Sivan Talmor
“Fire – Live at Bauer Studios”

After the success of her second album “Fire”, Sivan and her band went to Germany to record a live concert at the Bauer Studios which became this album.

It’s a beautiful companion to the original LP with reinterpretations of songs from “Fire” and beautiful covers and re-imagination of songs from her Hebrew debut LP translated to English, which gives the listeners a fuller version of Sivan’s beautiful music and her lyrics.

♪♫ Listen: “Words” + album stream

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Various Artists <BR> “The Most Beautiful Hour – From The Poems of Yotam Reuveni”

Various Artists
“The Most Beautiful Hour – From The Poems of Yotam Reuveni”

These 28 songs made by 30 musicians to the poems of Yotam Reuveni from the late 1960s is an ambitious project that brought together so many incredible musicians from the local music scene.

The idea was to give Reuveni’s poems – which never been composed before – sounds and voices and eventually new lives.

On “The Most Beautiful Hour”, each artist brought his or hers interpretation to the project making it very diversified and multicolored album.

(Note: The writer produced this project).

♪♫ Listen: “Hashaa Hachi Yafa” + album stream

Victoria Hanna <BR> “Victoria Hanna”

Victoria Hanna
“Victoria Hanna”

Victoria Hanna’s much anticipated debut album is exploring the language and the vocal sounds of ancient Hebrew which can sound a bit boring but this album proofs how wrong we were thinking that.

Divided to two parts that hold each other, the first part produced by Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box and many other projects) and focuses on the power of speech and letters and the second part that focuses on the voice and melody produced by the sound artist Frank Van Der Wei.

Victoria Hanna takes us to her exploration voyage and gives us this incredibly beautiful songs to keep on with the journey inside of us.

♪♫ Listen: “The Aleph-bet Song” + album stream

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Yael Eisenberg <BR> “Ani Yoda’at Shemedubar Besof”

Yael Eisenberg
“Ani Yoda’at Shemedubar Besof”

Yael Eisenberg is finally gifted us with her debut album with her magical voice flying high above this beautifully crafted 10 songs.

“Ani Yoda’at Shemedubar Besof” (meaning “I Know It’s the End”) will make you feel sad but uplifted at the same time. Folky guitars and soft drums and her voice – that’s all you need.

Although there’s much more in there…

♪♫ Listen: “Kav Keev” + album stream

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Yoni Livneh <BR> “Harofe Lishvurey Lev”

Yoni Livneh
“Harofe Lishvurey Lev”

I fell in love with Yoni when he released his debut back in 2014 and made me to believe in a new pop era in Israel. And then came his follow up and made me 100 percent believe he’s actually the voice of his/our generation.

8 smart-pop songs, some of them in collaboration with other musicians and all of them with Yoni’s amazing lyrics and his beautiful voice. And let’s not forget his compositions which make you want to fly with joy as much as they make you want to cry alone in the dark. 8 masterpieces!

♪♫ Listen: “A Healer for the Broken Hearted” + album stream

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