Best Tracks of 2017
selected by Elena Krsteva


After a few years of silence Astrolungs released their first single. This musical project started in 2011 and it’s made up of members of several affirmed Macedonian music groups who have been active for the past 15 years.

Astrolungs is another story from Skopje and it doesn’t matter if you understand Macedonian or not, their emotions will shake your heart up. The introductory track “Prav” is an announcement for the upcoming album.

Astrolungs on Facebook, www.

Conquering Lion feat. Ras Zacharri
“Wake Up”

Have you ever dreamed about a world full with love, peace and happiness? These citizens of the world are sending positive vibrations since 2007!

Conquering Lion is dub/reggae/hardcore band from Tetovo. One of the biggest export bands from Macedonia with a lot of success abroad. They performed with names like Manu Chao, Gentleman, Ras Zacharri, Donald Minott, Hornsman Coyote…

“Wake Up” is the second single from their fourth studio album “Land Of Confusion” that was released under the record label Locksmith Records (USA).

Conquering Lion on Facebook, www.

“Cunty Loop”

Stop what you’re doing now and let’s take a cruise with Filch. Probably the most charming music on the list. Filch (verb) = pilfer or steal (something, especially an item of small value) in a casual way. And that’s what they are doing with their music. ‘Stealing’ moments from their musical influences, gaining more and more experience and creating their own emotional, lovely and sincere tunes.

Disoriented yet aware, repulsive yet sexy, Filch will guide you through the everyday machinery called life. No need for words, no need for irrationally aroused senses. Like it or not, we are all Filch.

Enjoy their instrumental stories as they try to paint their inner impressions of this wild world.

Filch on Facebook, Instagram, www.


Progress is impossible without change. If a man takes no risk and makes no change than means only one thing – he cannot learn, feel, grow or live.

Fonija is a music definition of ‘explore, evolve and grow’. From melodic punk to new wave. Like it or not they are moving on, so you should do the same! These guys are on a risky adventure and they seem to enjoy it.

Fonija on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram.

Nema Labavo

Nema Labavo is mainly drawing personal experiences from his hometown Skopje and awareness of social issues. Definitely one of the best Macedonian singer-songwriter albums of the past years.

Sean was part of three really important bands for the Macedonian alternative scene (SIDEWALK, FRAGMENT and DENNYTECHUVA). Nema Labavo is his solo project.

Nema Labavo on Facebook, Bandcamp.


Insane combination between two bass guitars and drums, playing post-rock, dance-punk. These guys from Skopje definitely know how to improvise with creating a modern jazz/blues.

They released ‘Desert Y’ last year – worth watching their live show!

Palindrom on Facebook, Bandcamp.

Pluto’s Doubts

Surely, when you hear a new song the first thing you notice are the tunes. But what truly moves me and never leaves me indifferent… are the lyrics! And their lyrics are weird, original and fantastic! “Pluto’s Doubts” are giving a melody to the philosophy…

Sentimental and talented guys who are exposing feelings without thinking about the risk of exposing their true self. My personal favorite from the list. We need more youngsters like these guys, curious about the philosophy of our existence.

It’s impressive how quickly this band has gained the attention of the listeners and critics in Macedonia. Definitely one of the most promising bands!

Pluto’s Doubts on Facebook, Bandcamp.


Mesmerizing tunes. Instrumental surf ‘ride’. Their music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. 2017 was superb for Rib. New release and a tour with Fujiya&Miyagi.

Rib – project which includes Ivica Dimitrijevic, Jane Trajkovski, Dzano Kuch and Philip Stanchevski. So far, they released two albums – “Something Completely Different” (2015) and “Bliss”, which was released in January 2017.

Beware! If you press play you’ll end up listening to them all day… well, don’t say I haven’t warned you!:)

Rib on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, www.

The Black & Vice Social Club

Is ‘home’ where you are or where you are from? For them is simply an irrevocable condition. And music is a reflection of life, so their music sound is serious and dense.

The Black & Vice Social Club is an alternative rock band based in Skopje, that expresses itself through intense, energetic, contemporary rock music.

The Black & Vice Social Club on Facebook, www.

Zad Agolot
“Baba Vistinski Igrachi”

If you’re into good rap, you have to check out this crew! One of the hardest working (diy) artists in Skopje. “Baba Vistinski Igrachi” is in the spirit of hip hop’s golden era.

Their last album is inspired by George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. The lyrics are political, emotional and brutally sincere and the beats are mind-blowing.

Zad agolot on Facebook, Bandcamp.

Soulmental on Facebook, Instagram.