Best Albums of 2017
selected by Asfaltos

Rubytates <BR> “Zafiro”


With a lot of work, always looking for a better sound, one of the most interesting projects in the Mexican music scene is Rubytates. Not properly an album – it’s an EP – for me “Zafiro” is an experience you have to hear and enjoy.

Maybe in the sound of Rubytates there are no surprises really, but once you begin the trip they propose, you’ll totally go with them. That’s it, Rubytates’ “Zafiro” is a trip through the imagination of these musicians. Just assure that you have your eyes closed, and just enjoy.

“Explosión” is precisely that, an explossion of sensations. The sweet voice of Pepe, combined with the ethereal music of Mach, Jerry, Fer and Abel, is a perfect match of emotions.

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Camilo Séptimo <BR> “Óleos”

Camilo Séptimo

One of the groups that have experienced the fastest rise in the Mexican music scene, is undoubtedly Camilo Séptimo. The history of this band began in 2013. Four years later the group – formed by Manuel Mendoza, Jonathan Meléndez and Erik Vázquez – released their first LP called “Óleos”.

“Óleos” is composed of 11 tracks whose themes include forgiveness, love and being spiritually balanced. “Vicio”, “Fusión”, “Ser humano” and “Neon” are perfect examples of the sound of a group that likes electronic elements for their compositions.

With a good production, and elements that reveal an interest in experiments between genres, Camilo Séptimo took “Óleos” sucess in order to grew up. Two sold out shows in one of the most important venues in Mexico City are a good example of  that.

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Los Blenders <BR> “Ha sido”

Los Blenders
“Ha sido”

It might seem like a risky choice, but I think that after what they have been working and harvesting, they deserve it.

The group is called Los Blenders, and they are one of the Mexican groups that have had the opportunity to play in Coachella. Their music fits perfectly in a festival. Every performance they have is full of energy.

With all the feeling of a punk group of young musicians, Los Blenders’ “Ha sido” reminds us in their sound the sensation of being in a beach, just enjoying the sun and acold beer. In their songs, they talk about love and rejection in the language of the young audience they look for.

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Sotomayor  <BR> “Conquistador”


The first time we listened to the brothers Paulina and Raúl Sotomayor, the sensation of finding ourselves with a project that had a lot of future ahead was more than obvious. Now, with their most recent album, suspicions have been confirmed.

The return of Sotomayor with their most recent “Conquistador” has fully fulfilled the expectations. Great moments, although not unexpected, but very stimulating, are part of a material that fits perfectly into any party that you still enjoy these days.

“Afrika”, the track with which I recommend you start listening to the “Conquistador”, is a perfect summary of what this material is about. The two musicians, Raúl more linked to the synthesizers, while Paulina more focused on percussion and of course her voice, are intertwined in a melody that sums up the best of this musical brotherhood.

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San Pascualito Rey <BR> “Todo me trajo hasta hoy”

San Pascualito Rey
“Todo me trajo hasta hoy”

Founded in 2000, with Pascual, Alex Otaola, Juan and Luca Ortega as the actual members, San Pascualito Rey is one of the best groups in the Mexican music scene. After their last album released in 2007, San Pascualito Rey returned with a potent new LP called “Todo me trajo hasta hoy”.

The sound of the band could be described as dark mariachi rock. 12 intense and potent tracks are the best proof of this band’s talent. “Todo me trajo hasta hoy” means an evolution in the sound of San Pascualito Rey. As you can hear at the beginning of the album, they love strong guitar songs, with a lot of enery. In times where rock music is not the most popular, it’s amazing to have a record like this.

The first track, “Lo que quieres ver”, will trap you immediately. A strong song, with full power and strong presence.

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Dromedarios Mágicos <BR> “Estudios Universitarios”

Dromedarios Mágicos
“Estudios Universitarios”

If I had to bet which artist would be amazing in 2018, I would choose this musician who only needed his guitar and talent to step into the Mexican music scene.

Dromedarios Mágicos is a project of Diego Puerta, and his most recent material titled “Estudios Universitarios” is a true beauty. After a series of previous songs, the musician shows us a maturation in his proposal.

Although there is still a long way to go, this material from Dromedarios Mágicos points firmly to a future that, in the same line of work, can not be more than brilliant.

As an example of the sound of this album, I leave you with “Veintitrés”, a solid and quite emotional theme.

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Vaya Futuro <BR> “Tips para ir de viaje”

Vaya Futuro
“Tips para ir de viaje”

Vaya Futuro are steadfast and solid again with the release of their highly anticipated new LP, “Tips para ir de viaje”. The newly released album is a collection of songs that goes through various moods and feelings. It is noticeable that the musicians entertained themselves in the process; but also that they meditated well on their assembly.

The richness of sounds and themes included in the “Tips to go on a trip” can respond, among other things, to the series of changes that the group has experienced in 2017.

In silence, at midnight when I write this review and listen to the album again, sounds the last track, which shocks me and closes my throat for a moment. “6 AM” is a song that reminds us of the fragility of life, of what we are, of our existence, of our future… melody that reminds us that, at 6 AM, the sun comes out again, and thus, a new trip…

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El David Aguilar <BR> “Siguiente”

El David Aguilar

El David Aguilar is a musician that defends, above any genre, the song as a creation. For this musician born in Culiacán, Sonora, in the north of Mexico, the song is the ultimate creation. No matter what genre he uses, as you can hear in the formidable “Siguiente”, an enjoyable album.

13 playful tracks make up this record with a lot of play in the composition – a journey into the imagination of this talented songwriter. It stands out also in the lyrics. Of course, if you don’t speak Spanish, you could also enjoy the harmony in the lyrics. It’s like hearing 13 poems being sung.

The recommended track, my favorite, is “Era mi abuelo”. The song, dedicated to all grandfathers, fits perfectly into these days of changes, new cycles, for a New Year…

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Caloncho <BR> “Bálsamo”


As the second best album of the year in Mexico, I choose the “Bálsamo” by Caloncho. In a world in which to achieve success it is preferred to repeat yourself rather than risk a career, Caloncho preferred risk and innovation. His first material serves as inspiration for this one, and not so much as a mold to copy.

With the same vibration as his previous material, but moving forward with regard to his musical proposal, Caloncho takes a step forward in the consolidation of an own identity that we hope will continue to be transformed with future materials.

With “Bálsamo”, we are presented thirteen songs that advocate, in the turbulent times we live in, for an inner peace that can be translated into many things such as family, love, pets, nature and… yes, oneself.

If you ask me, “Optimist” is the ideal song to start discovering this material.

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Natalia Lafourcade <BR> “Musas”

Natalia Lafourcade

Since we talk about musicians who decide to leave their comfort zone to do what they like, and doing this offer music that shakes us, the choice is “Musas” by Natalia Lafourcade.

She is probably the most important young musician in Mexico. Her talent has kept it that way. But her work, in fact, has cost her.

After the success of her latest material, which went in a different direction on “Musas”, Lafourcade returned with a love more than solid and rejuvenated by the Latin American roots that we love.

Natalia Lafourcade is happy, cheerful and absolutely creative. Part of that process shows unequivocally the moment she is going through, as this most recent material has as a backbone to pay tribute to the artists who have inspired her.

It is true that the taste is broken into genres, and that end-of-year listings will always be subjective. But leaving out “Musas” by Natalia Lafourcade as one of the most important albums in the Mexican music scene, that’s not an option.

♪♫ Listen: “Tú sí sabes quererme” + album stream

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