Best Tracks of 2017
selected by José Luis Mercado


“Danzando en la montaña”

Originally released as “Dancing in the hill”, the band realized that needs to focus all their melting pot influences to identity.

They changed the song to Spanish and priorize the elements of authenticity in their concept. Through some years of research, they finally released their first LP and the results are interesting.

“Danzando en la montaña” is one the best examples of this modern sound but integrating some particular contributions of Peruvian folklore.

Ravelers on Bandcamp, Facebook.


“Dale poder al barrio”

Karolinativa is a project of Carolina Carbajal Navarro, an Peruvian activist artist that tries to reivindicate the afroperuvian culture expression in the barrio.

Social and conscious hip hop is basic idea in her concept, but also she’s very careful with the production and the proof is her 2017 album “Familia”.

This record deserves more recognition, and this list is our contribution.

Karolinativa on Facebook.


Mi Puga Mi Pishgo
“Sexo sexo”

“¿por qué te hablo en inglés si estamos en Perú?” Originally written in English, with that catchphrase Valeria Valencia makes and statement about the need to comunicate in your mother tongue for a public that needs to understand the message.

A little reggaeton trap, a little digital cumbia, Mi Puga Mi Pishgo create a song for the disco that could be atemporal because the idea is only sex but sex, and nothing else matters.

Mi Puga Mi Pishgo on Bandcamp, Facebook.


Golden Camaleon

Students from the UPC University and winners from the contest of Selvámonos Festival, Golden Camaleon with the frontwoman Marianella Nuñez could recreate indie pop and dream rock in all-one-combo.

The track called “Marfil” comes from Golden Camaleon’s first full-length album titled “Quillazú”.

Golden Camaleon on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.


Testa Barbada
“La voz de la muerte”

Prog rock with influences from Andean rock and Porcupine Tree. “La voz de la muerte” was the main single from their album “Rastros”.

In the amking of the song, the band of Sebastian Davelouis was accompanied by the Daniel Mulanovich’s keyboard. Good atmosphere, and nice structure, Testa Barbada could be the band to take the post of Flor de Loto.

Testa Barbada on Soundcloud, Facebook.


Chico Unicornio feat Sobrenadar

Chico Unicornio is one of the most restless musicians of the local music scene.

With long seasons in Chile and Argentina, he decided to invite underground singer Sobrenadar.

The result is “Limonada”, a dreamy pop song, with strong influences from hypnogic pop.

Chico Unicornio on Facebook, Twitter.


Dan Dero Dero

Dan Dero Dero is the indie rock project led by the incredible Valeria Valencia. Sweetness and nostalgia.

Influenced by dream pop and lo-fi music and mixed by Rafael de la Lama, “Detonador” is one of the finest rock songs of Lima music scene this year.

It’s the main example of a local band can compete with any other group from international stage.

Dan Dero Dero on Bandcamp, Facebook.


Crónica de Mendigos

New material from the band we thought they made the best song of 2016. Released at the end of the year as a tribute to all the women that fights for a better world.

Progressive structure based on an Andean-criollo fusion rhythm, remembers to the legendary band El Pueblo del Barrio. They call it a collage, but it’s more than that.

It’s a proof that the band can lead the fusion sound of the new generation.

Crónica de Mendigos on Facebook, Twitter.


El Cuarto de Juegos
“Acompáñame en mi viaje”

The Del Prado Brothers joined creating El Cuarto de Juegos, a band that explores in an Andean trip through strong influences from folk rock from the ’70s.

In “Acompáñame en mi viaje”, the guys are inviting us to be part of a mystical experience. And they know how to do it.

A very pleasant timbre voice and full control of string instruments, winds and percussion.

El Cuarto de Juegos on Facebook.



After seven of silence, Autobús returns with a new album. More pop that previous ones but equally careful.

The band led by Luis Enrique Piccini shows the exploration in the sound thruogh electronic and psychedelic music.

“Mokasin” is one of the best openers for an album made in Peru during 2017, but also the best way to show the change of route for the revitalizing music

Autobús on Facebook.


“Intichay p’unchaykama”

Chintatá is a band from Cuzco that fuses rock with the Andean rhythms, born in 2011.

“Intichay p’unchaykama” is a had psychelic rock song that appeared on Soundcloud many years ago, but as the band was evolving and finding better ways to financing their project that song could have a better version that appears on their first album this year.

Proud of to be from the capital of the Inca Empire and Andean culture, the song is a quechua interpretation of saying “until Sunday”.

Chintatá on Facebook, Soundcloud.


Shuca Mágica feat Pelo Madueño

Sacro & Stoll are two musician that released their first album trying to evoke the psychedelic experience with tropical pop structures.

According to them, the whe whole process took place in the recording studio during the gestation of our album.

The studio was a laboratory to create the sound that was attracting us, without self-limitation or borders. In “Peligrosa” they invited to the legendary musician Pelo Madueño who supported the project since the beginning and prints his personal style to the song.

Shuca Mágica on Facebook, Twitter.


Negra Valencia
“Musa muerta”

Valeria Valencia is a name the most people can’t recognize, but she’s one of the most busiest musician in Lima during 2017.

At the beginning of the year, she released music with Mi Puga Mi Pishgo Valencia, where she is the frontwoman of a danceable group and at the end she released music with Dan Dan Dero, an indie rock project. In the middle of the year, she released her solo project where she show her most vulnerable side.

“Musa muerta” is one the most sweetest melodies of her album. Hard not to relate to an artist like her.

Negra Valencia on Bandcamp, Facebook.


Pamela Rodriguez
“Plug & Play”

The only Peruvian artist who has ever nominated to Best New Artist on the Latin Grammys returns after two years.

On this single released in August and produced by Nico Saba from Kanaku & El Tigre, “Plug & Play” embrace sexuality and tells the story of a cybersex experience.

“Fuck me, fuck me, que se apaga” she sings.

Pamela Rodriguez on Twitter, Facebook, www.


Francois Peglau
“Final feliz”

Francois Peglau is back. The master of simple but direct lyrics about life experiences (with a touch of British sense of humour) is in company of a supporting band that he calles as La Fracaso Band (translated as The Losers Band).

This single also has the collaboration on the bass of the Peruvian musician Rafo de la Cuba. Danceable but melancholic, ready for the pop listening ears.

Francois Peglau on Facebook, Bandcamp.


Alejandro y María Laura
“La película”

One of the most inventive folk groups of the Peruvian scene is Alejandro y María Laura.

Recreating the experience of watching a film during a nostalgic romantic moment, the duet elaborate a baroque pop song with a section of strings full of chromatisms.

One of the most finest soft song made in the country this decade.

Alejandro y María Laura on Facebook, Twitter, www.


“Nueva enjundia”

Only two minutes are necessary to prove the quality of Lapondé – as “Nueva enjundia” demonstrates.

Between the hard rock rhythms and the sophistication of vals criollo – the Peruvian waltz – Lapondé create a unique sound that could be the birth of a new music genre.

Lapondé on Facebook, Twitter.


“To the light”

Produced by Phil Good Music and A.Chal himself, “To the Light” is a relaxing alternative R&B song where Alejandro tell us about a spiritual encounter. In an interview he said he tries to connect with a particular kind of mood.

His American life separate his roots with its Peruvian homeland but whoever hears “To The Light” will notice the coexistence between hedonism and reflection.

A.CHAL on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, www.


Hit La Rosa
“La riñonera”

Hit La Rosa is one of the novel bands that are incorporating peruvian cumbia in their repertoire mixing with latin jazz and psychedelic elements.

“La riñonera” is one the most impressive examples of their harvest. If you like Ondatrópica, you will love this song. Fantastic guitar and dancing all night long!

Hit La Rosa on Facebook, Soundcloud.


La Lá
“La felicidad”

One of the most significant songs ever written by a female singer-songwriter. “La felicidad”, a slightly vals criollo, a emblematic traditional Peruvian music genre that is resurrected during four minutes, with a jazzy flavor.

A song which lyrics were born as a tribute to her mother at the moment she passed away became an ode to the beauty of life. Accompanied by the sound of a horn at the end, it simbolizes the transition to post-life. An instant classic.

La Lá on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.