Best Albums of 2017

7nightsatsea <BR>“Terra Firma”

“Terra Firma”

Math-rock hardly gets better than on this impressive debut full-length of 7nightsatsea, who are dedicated th explore all of the possible shades of instrumental guitar music. “Terra Firma” is often heavy, always mesmerizing, and can be emotionally devastating and uplifting at the same time.

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Amateur Takes Control <BR>“ATC EP2”

Amateur Takes Control

One of several math-rock / post-rock releases on this list, “ATC EP2” might be shortest among them but will possibly leave you as impressed and exhausted as if it was a full hour. Even “noisier, darker and more aggressive” than ATC’s previous releases, it makes the 3-year wait absolutely compensated.

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Amberhill <BR>“Songs From Summer” EP

“Songs From Summer” EP

Somewhere between pop and math rock, the bright guitar sounds and mellow vocal melodies of Amberhill make “Songs From Summer” EP more than worth its title. A little bit of sunshine with every consecutive listen.

♪♫ Listen: “She’s Better Off an Idea” + album stream

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Astreal <BR>“Light”


Eleven years after their acclaimed album “Fragments Of The Same Dead Star”, the dreampop / shoegaze group Astreal returned with another timeless, yet of course very Astrealean album “Light”. It could have been as well recorded in 1997, 2007 – or 2027.

♪♫ Listen: “Our Time Is Now” + album stream

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Handsome Girl <BR>“Shut Up Cutie”

Handsome Girl
“Shut Up Cutie”

Let’s just let them speak for themselves: “These songs were written on impulse by an awkward half-arsed adult who has felt massive anxieties when confronted with emotionally intense situations, attempting to speak about it all in a light-hearted manner.”

♪♫ Listen: “Andie” + album stream

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LEW <BR>“Lullacry”


What might be the most emotional album in this list, singer-songwriter LEW’s new album brings 13 straightforward songs about “the true nature of love”. With his soulful voice, LEW hardly suits the “folk rock” label, so let’s rather call “Lullacry” evening music.

♪♫ Listen: “Loved You So” + album stream

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Sam Rui <BR>“Season 2”

Sam Rui
“Season 2”

After the viral single “Better”, Sam Rui followed last year with this impressive 10-track released produced by Grosse a.k.a. Fauxe. Modern, catchy, yet uncompromising collection of songs that are as intense emotionally as sound-wise.

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Sobs <BR>“Catflap” EP

“Catflap” EP

There’s never enough of good indie pop, especially if it’s not just about the general sound and atmosphere but also this quality of songwriting that Sobs represent on their short but very pleasing 5-track release. Note that it’s just their first release.

♪♫ Listen: “Girl” + album stream

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The Steve Mcqueens <BR>“TERRAЯIUM”

The Steve Mcqueens

Neo-soul as presented by The Steve McQueens on this magnificent album is not something that will let you have a little bit of that evening chillout. Quite contrary, it’s inrelenting in its intensity and breaks. There’s no doubt these musicians love making sounds together – and possibly making a lot of them.

♪♫ Listen: “Hephaestus” + album stream

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Yeule <BR>“Coma” EP

“Coma” EP

Yeule is a nickname of Nat Ćmiel, a self-sufficient artist with a soft approach to electronic music and whispery vocals, which together makes her music one of the most fragile and entrancing things you might here in these parts of Asia. Just click play and let the world dissappear.

♪♫ Listen: “I Miss You This Much” + album stream

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