Best Albums of 2017
compiled by Hrup Mag team

Darla Smoking <BR> “Big Bug”

Darla Smoking
“Big Bug”

On a list dominated by sophomores and veterans, it’s a relief to see a new act make it in – and one with such a refreshing take on an established sound, no less.

Whereas dub music often wanders through a haze of reverb and riddims, Darla Smoking successfully avoids monotony. In part by carefully curating folky samples from all over the world that imbue the songs with maturity, tradition and a dash of mysticism, and in part through the pounding percussion wizardry that boosts the songs’ power organically.

Light one up, turn up the volume and see where the duo’s debut takes you. Bugging is a must! (Daniel Sheppard)

♪♫ Listen: “Big Bug” + album stream

Darla Smoking on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram.

MITO <BR> “Bratstvo in estradstvo”

“Bratstvo in estradstvo”

It’s time for you to learn Slovene! Mito, known as the member of Tekochee Kru, released an awesome album in 2017 – lyrically on point, musically strong and all together a really welcome surprise for this list – completing the hip-hop extravagance.

Mito is definitely a strong lyricist delivering the criticism of society through humor and a play of words. Musically the album sounds fresh and now but still pretty straight, not falling into the latest trap. Among the guilty producers is Šuljo (see our album no. 3), but most credits go to a really young producer properly named YNGFirefly who’s joined by Nite, Tamau and _wrong idea.

And if you don’t speak Slovene, still try the album… it might overtake you and you’ll find yourself rapping to some language you never heard of. (Andraž Kajzer)

♪♫ Listen: “Bratstvo in estradstvo” + album stream

MITO on Bandcamp, Facebook.

N’Toko<BR> “Emirates”


N’toko is the master of words – be it as a rapper or a columnist. He released his first solo album back in 2003, published numerous albums with the awesome Moveknowledgement band and is without doubt one of the best Slovenian rappers.

He unfortunately hasn’t released an album in Slovene for years but after a period of mostly performing and writing, he delivered “Emirates” – a perfectly crafted album that sadly went a bit under the radar.

After numerous tours – be it in Europe, Japan or gigs in US, it seems N’toko is stronger than ever in English – coming closer to his envious skills in Slovene, doing what he does best – mirroring all the absurdity of our society making him and his life the narrative and the main figure. Treat yourself to some “Emirates”. (Andraž Kajzer)

♪♫ Listen: “Free Hugs” + album stream

N’Toko on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.

Koala Voice <BR> “Wolkenfabrik”

Koala Voice

People, they grow up. Koalas, they also grow up. It’s been 3 years since Koala Voice released their debut album “Kangaroo’s a Neighbour” which was followed by more than 130 European club and festival shows. They became more determined and their live performance got heavier. They grew up from a high school band to one of the best young Slovenian rock acts.

Their latest album “Wolkenfabrik” is still playful and driven by a lot of catchy melodies, but it also moved towards more significant and deeper lyrics. This album contains 10 diversified songs that will drive you through their life’s journey. “Wolkenfabrik” was produced and mixed by Danton Supple, who also worked with artists like Coldplay, Morrisey, Brian Eno etc. (Dražen Perić)

♪♫ Listen: “Vede Premikanja” + album stream

Koala Voice on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, www.

Šuljo <BR> “Scrap Metal”

“Scrap Metal”

While far from being a newcomer – he’s been producing music for various rap acts for years and even released a solo album in 2013 – it was in 2017 that Šuljo delivered a really unique collection of songs, that finally caught everyone’s attention.

Perhaps fueled by his recent move to the Slovenian coast, the producer created a modern hip-hop beats album, while constantly testing the limits of a genre and incorporating IDM and bass music elements into his abstract musical vision.

From the spaced out electronics of “Mogli” to the hard hitting anti-melodic structures of “Ipad Jolo” and most gloriously on the extraordinary album highlight “Molekula”, Scrap Metal sees Šuljo work and produce in a beatmaking league of his own. (Jernej Trebežnik)

♪♫ Listen: “Molekula” + album stream

Šuljo on Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

Širom <BR> “I Can Be a Clay Snapper”

“I Can Be a Clay Snapper”

Considered by many as the most intriguing band hailing from Slovenia, the trio’s sophomore album “I Can Be a Clay Snapper” (“Lahko sem glinena mesojedka”) is their most enchanting creation yet.

Širom’s “folk from a parallel universe” continues to draw from free improvisation, post-rock, ambient music and folk, but compared to their first album the musical pieces have a better defined structure. The album is accessible without sacrificing its open form and experimental character. A big part of “Snapper’s” elusive sound is being played on a variety of instruments, mostly made by band member Samo Kutin.

Širom’s fearless sound exploration designed a musical world full of magic, excitement and beauty, a world where intuition and structure are in harmony. A truly unique listening experience and a big treasure chest for musical explorers. (Andraž Boštjančič)

♪♫ Listen: “Maestro Kneading Screams of Joy” + album stream

Širom on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook.

Matter <BR> “Mrk”


Matter rule. Not content with dominating the word-of-mouth circuit, last year’s runners-up climbed to the top with their second studio album. The foundation remains the same – trendy cloud rap/trap flirtations, fastidiously produced beats, and abstract lyricism that lets you discover your own meanings through a tangle of quotable, insta-hip slang expressions.

Compared to their debut, however, the production is more polished, the auto-tune is dialled up to just the right amount, the tinge of urban darkness is more pronounced, and the entire package is oozing with street-smart style, from the broadly appealing summer hit vibe of “MANA” to the murky haze of lead single “Sinovi moje madre”.

Matter rule and it doesn’t look like they’re planning on giving up the throne any time soon.(Daniel Sheppard)

♪♫ Listen: “MANA” + album stream

Matter on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.