Best Tracks of 2017
brought by Worranat Kongchankit


We heard this song first late 2016, but only recently it received an official video which is as blurry as the Bangkok-based quintet’s psychedelic version of shoegaze / rock / alternative. We’ve been following FWENDS for a couple of years now, and can only hope to spend even more time immersed in their foggy aura.

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Greasy Cafe’

“It is an attempt to gather memories of past relationships and patch it up with what we have lost just right now,” the band’s frontman Apichai Tragoolpadetgrai told us in an interview. This was the first single off their new album “Technicolor”, and a great encouragement to check out the whole LP.

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Gym and Swim
“What time is it there?”

Bangkok-based quintet Gym and Swim keep coming back on beehype but you simply can’t ignore the bright atmosphere and sheer quality of their subsequent singles. In 2016, they finally released their debut album called “Seasick”, and “What time is it there?” is a new semi-video off that record.

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Hope the flowers
“Sunlight” (แสง)

A true hymn from the Bangkok-based collective, “Sunlight” is a single from their just-released second album “I Miss You“. Before you get informed that this song features “Yena and friends”, you’ll actually hear it in the solemn chorus. Here’s your soundtrack to all the remaining sunrises.

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Inspiring post-rock is what Inspirative have been giving for the last 10 years and their recent four-track EP “Mainland” is among their most consistent releases. The 6-minute title track is a great display of their ambiguity as far as the mood of their music is concerned – sometimes bright, sometimes sinister, often both.

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“Expired” (หมดอายุ)

Last year, Chiang Mai-based group Inthanoo (อินธนูและพู่ถุงเท้า) released their full-length “Long Way Down“, and this song is a great first taste of what you can expect from a dozen fresh tracks they recorded. Pay attetion, and after these 4 minutes they’ll bring you a bit of catharsis every time you listen.

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Jia Pa Bor Sue have been perfecting their own version of instrumental / experimental rock music for over half decade now, and this song released last May demonstrates how powerful and – yes – beautiful their sound has become over that time. In just over four minutes it may affect your current more than most rock LPs these days.

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“Lucid Dream”

Over the last year, Mattnimare released some songs that received millions of views, so it’s easy to miss this less popular, but for us even more interesting track that features Misi Ke, Yujun Wang and a fantastic play of the rhythm section. Between more straightforward pieces, “Lucid Dream” reminds us where Mattnimare originally come from.

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Migrate to the Ocean
“Night’s Watch” (อีกา)

Certainly the most unnerving and mysterious track on this list, Migrate to the Ocean’s “Night’s Watch” is as intense as the police siren at the end, changing its dynamic (and even genre) several times throughout less than 3 minutes. Buckle your seatbelt.

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“Maya” (มายาคน)

Monomania’s new album “Before the Dawn” has been crowdfunded by their fans, and each cent paid off. The first single “Maya” touched on the case of choices we make in our everyday life – whether to be honest and follow your own path, or to fake someone else’s.

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Orbital XX feat. Yanin

It’s just the first of two pieces on this list featuring Yanin’s ethereal vocals. “Alright” is a modern club track produced by Orbital XX, a duo of Kompij Petai (synths & computers) and Natchanon Kamkeaw (guitar). Yanin’s airy voice perfectly suits the scenic sound, which bar its indisputable beat is actually as delicate.

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“Din Dan” (ดินแดน)

If there’s a band that truly believes in quality rather than quantity, that must be Thailand’s alternative trio Safeplanet. In 2017, the trio only released two songs: “Again” and “Din Dan”. It’s a slow-burning ballad in the verses, it comes to to a powerdul climax in the chorus, also thanks to the guest appearance of Sarit Andrew Tanpensuk a.k.a. T-Bone (สฤษฎ) on trumpet.

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Srirajah Rockers
“Fill Up” (เติม)

This prolific reggae collective has already appeared on beehype a couple of times, as the quality of Srirajah Rockers’ songs remains unbelievably steady. In “Fill Up”, they take us on a short trip to Japan, and from the views and smoke you can guess the journey was a successful one.

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Summer Dress
“D-OK” (ดีออก)

Initially, this spring hit by Summer Dress might seemed as if it had been slowed down by a third and completely ridiculous, but soon you’ll find yourself swinging to this mellow rhythm and won’t take your eyes off this wonderfully naive video. For more “serious” stuff, check out more recent single “The Beatles Fever“.

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The ███████
“New Shelter”

Buriram-based singer-songwriter and producer Karnpaporn Boonput a.k.a. The ███████ a.k.a. The Black Codes is one of Thailand’s most intriguing electronic artist. “New Shelter” was his first new track after quite a while, a more minimal and withdrawn than most of his previous works, but as captivating.

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Tilly Birds

Here’s one of the most dramatic music videos of the last year, a story directed by Billy Chuchat to the itself unnerving song by Tilly Birds – a single from their new self-titled EP. The track might seem pretty straightforward, but its sheer intensity – especially coupled with the clip – guarantees you some of the strongest experience of the last year.

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Two Pills After Meal
“Once” (สาย)

Last year brought us a full length album from Two Pills After Meal, titled “First Aid Kit“, and this is an energetic single off that release. “Once” is a wonderful dialogue between bright, catchy vocals and crazy electronica, a perfect musical sine wave waiting to be surfed on.

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Here’s one of the most eye-catching video of the last year, and probably not only in Thailand. Colourful and absurd, this clip co-directed by Khamkwan & Songpicjo accompanies an immediate synth-pop hit whose sound palette is as colourful and vivid.

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Yanin x Casinotone
“Who the Hell”

Here’s a follower to this duo’s fantastic singles like “Saturday“, once again showing this collaboration know no boundaries and feel great in any style and language. We can only continue to keep an eye on this duo, and we can only hope that between Casinotone’s multiple other collaborations (look right) we’ll get some more frequent releases from this creative pair.

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“Try n’ Fly”

Instant classic from the upcoming singer Yuppadee Nuklin, accompanied in the studio by as talented as omnipresent (look left) producer Casinotone. This mixture of soul, R&B, pop and disco is a great promise for what to expect from this newcomer, who is capable of winning hearts of both broad and more picky audience.

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