Best Tracks of 2017
selected by Patricio Clavijo


Mandrake y Los Druidas
“Estos son los días”

Alberto “Mandrake” Wolf´s new project did not let anyone down, as Los Druidas´s mixture of rock styles collide in a very Uruguayan rock and roll.

Los Druidas on Facebook, Bandcamp.


Santi Mostaffa
“Las mil y una noches”

Standing as one of the milestones of the actual rap scene in Montevideo, Mostafa manages to effectively mix strong and powerful lyrics with diverse and fun rythms.

Santi Mostafa on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


Los Nuevos Creyentes

The debut album of Los Nuevos Creyentes was arguably the best debut of 2017 in the indie-rock scene. Tons of incredible textures and guitar distorsions with great melodies are properly communicated by Matias Singer´s delightful voice.

Los Nuevos Creyentes on Bandcamp.


Buenos Muchachos
“Antenas rubias”

It can be fair to say that 2017 was not the best year for Uruguayan Rock, but Buenos Muchachos didn´t care, and they came up with a brand new album and video. The psych rock veterans did it again, as usual, with their timeless spirit, full of reflexive and powerfully sad moods; and Pedro Dalton´s incredibly unique voice, getting better each day.

Buenos Muchachos on Facebook, Twitter, www.


Zalo Solo
“Ciudadela paraíso”

Though he is relatively unknown in the local rap scene, Zalo Solo´s music came out differently, with dinamic drum bases and a pretty peculiar style, unseen in the new Uruguayan hip-hop scene.

Zalo Solo on Facebook, Twitter, www.


Las Cobras

The experimental trance-rock of Las Cobras, a Canelones town duo, reaches its highest peak in their 7-minute tune, “Temporal”. Plagued by hypnotic and primitive – yet very complex – beats, this song is the milestone of their debut album.

Las Cobras on Bandcamp, Facebook.


Jorge Drexler
“Salvavidas de hielo”

The Oscar Winner for Best Original Song in 2005, Jorge Drexler is one of the musical icons in this Southamerican country. There is an effortlessly charming and unique way in which he uses the Spanish language in his music. And, of course, his song “Salvavidas de hielo” is not the exception, as he sums up his sensitive pop-folk, in this case, with a very Spanish-flavored lullaby.

Jorge Drexler on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.


“Ese frío vacío”

Although her album “Pactos” didn´t have the same repercussion like her first long play, there is no doubt that “Ese frío vacío” surpasses the deep soul music roots of Alfonsina, with a bigger dose of reverbed strings and more uptempo and cryptical beats.

Alfonsina on Facebook, Twitter.


Santé les Amis
“Como animales”

After the release of the “Sudamericana” álbum, the electro-pop band Santé les Amis came back in 2017 with an outstanding single: “Como animales”, a refreshing love story in the eastern Uruguayan coast.

Sante les Ami on Facebook, Twitter, www.


” Lo que la gente espera”

Rap is gaining a lot of presence in Uruguay, and Dostrescinco are a solid proof of that. With a killer-funky groove, “Lo que la gente espera” sums up the typical self awareness of the Montevidean hip-hop mood.

Dostrescinco on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.