Best Albums of 2018
by Rodrigo Piedra via IndieHoy

Peces Raros <BR> “Anestesia”

Peces Raros

La Plata is a city known as the Argentinean Manchester because of a characteristic sound developed by several bands, often related to indie rock of guitars, pedals and melancholy.

Peces Raros is the face of a needed refresh in that context, combining other passion of youth culture: electronic raves.

Dark and powerful, “Anestesia” is comprised by eleven songs intended to make dancing and to get lost in the abyss of the night – in a good way.

♪♫ Listen: “Sombras en la pared” + album stream

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Los Besos <BR> “Copia viva”

Los Besos
“Copia viva”

“Copia viva” is the third album by Los Besos. It is algo the longest of their discography, spanning 10 tracks, and the one with more keyboards in the sound. It is comprised of brief songs about affairs, platonic lovers and feminist power with the poetic trademark of singer-songwriter Paula Trama.

She started as a solo artist and since 2014 she publish under Los Besos moniker. In each of these albums she reinvents previously solo songs and “Copia viva” is not the exception: it closes with a beautiful new version of “La cascada de tu pelo enredado”, an anthem of devotion.

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Las Ligas Menores <BR> “Fuego artificial”

Las Ligas Menores
“Fuego artificial”

Las Ligas Menores second album was the most anticipated album of the winter season. Four years after their acclaimed self-titled debut, which took them to play at Coachella festival, their followers demanded new recordings.

In “Fuego Artificial” they don’t take new paths, but it’s just what we needed. Guitars, melancholic lyrics, and distant voices, defines this warm album that feels like a hug.

♪♫ Listen: “Peces en el mar” + album stream

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Las Luces Primeras <BR> “Forestal Tape”

Las Luces Primeras
“Forestal Tape”

Las Luces Primeras takes us to another planet in their second album titled “Forestal Tape”.

Psychedelic sounds and images marks the path of an interstellar trip where western meets surrealism.

Beautiful textures and bucolic voices are the passports for this 10-songs trip around the galaxy.

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107 Faunos <BR> “Madura el dulce fruto”

107 Faunos
“Madura el dulce fruto”

The feelings that 107 Faunos songs evokes in their followers made them a cult classic in the underground scene. The masters of explosive chorus are back with their fourth album: “Madura el dulce fruto”.

Very few bands made an own universe so pop and personal at the same time, with cinematographic images and nostalgic lyrics. In their newest album, 107 Faunos assumes an evolution and, explicitly, the passage of time.

♪♫ Listen: “Buzo con capucha” + album stream

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Juan Ingaramo <BR> “Best Seller”

Juan Ingaramo
“Best Seller”

In his third album, Juan Ingaramo finds his place in the Argentinean music scene and embraces it. Apart from the pop we’re used to listening from him, Ingaramo adds more urban sounds to his compositions, feeling closer to reggaeton and rap.

As those genres require, this album is fueled by great collaborations: Ca7riel, Dakillah, and Louta, among others. The album title is a manifesto for his music from now on: Ingaramo is ready for big stages.

♪♫ Listen: “Hace calor” + album stream

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Marilina Bertoldi <BR> “Prender un fuego”

Marilina Bertoldi
“Prender un fuego”

The new main exponent of Argentinean rock is a woman. Finally. Her fourth album, “Prender un fuego”, might be quieter than previous efforts but it absolutely keeps her irreverence.

The talented Bertoldi keeps experimenting with rock songs from a feminist angle. This maturity also takes her to assume a new role in the creative process: she shares the production with Brian Taylor.

♪♫ Listen: “Racat” + album stream

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Louta <BR> “Enchastre”


The underground scene in Buenos Aires was never the same after Louta’s birth, just one year ago. His live performances turned to be a “must see” because of all his paraphernalia, a stage never seen in independent bands.

His first EP was impactful, as also it is his first LP “Enchastre”, released via a major label. Pop, electronic and trap songs made for the live experience.

♪♫ Listen: “Puede ser” + album stream

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Bandalos Chinos <BR> “BACH”

Bandalos Chinos

The first full length from Buenos Aires-based group Bandalos Chinos, “BACH” was named after the first two characters of each word of the band’s name.

It starts straightforward, and with a strong influence of Argentinean rock from the 80s it is a refreshing cocktail of vintage and contemporary pop at the same time.

♪♫ Listen: “Demasiado” + album stream

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Babasónicos <BR> “Discutible”


Babasónicos was the biggest band born under the “New Argentinean Rock” period – an emergence of new bands during the 90s. They were in the underground scene in that decade, but the 00s found them in the top mainstream charts.

“Discutible” is their 12th album and their first in a long time to find a new path for a band who was used to change from album to album.

The sharp lyrics of leader Adrián Dárgelos find a redefinition in their songs, taking advantage more than ever from instrumental passages.

♪♫ Listen: “La pregunta” + album stream

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