Best Albums of 2018
selected by Lelle Buzas

Atreyu’s Horse <BR> “Paper and Water”

Atreyu’s Horse
“Paper and Water”

The album title of Atreyu’s Horse’s new album refers to iamyank’s artistic take on the traditional steet music. He used paper, water and ink as a base for his music, turning Soshanna Rein’s paintings into audio.

Being true to himself, iamyank has always been one of the most versatile electronic music producers and performers in Hungary, handling the boundaries on his own term.

♪♫ Listen: “It has no boundaries” + album stream

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Freakin’ Disco <BR> “Monster”

Freakin’ Disco

Playing techno music with actual instruments, where the emphasis is placed on the rock’s psychedelic tone. The accent clearly reflects the electronic musical way of thinking, but they cannot deny their jazz roots, as the softer elements appear in the same way as the harder rigms.

An interesting, mature, space-rocked, dramatic turn-around album with tracks fitting into each other without noticing that the fitfy-minute play time has passed.

♪♫ Listen: “Ship” + album stream

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Juhász Tamás “similar substance // same substance”

Juhász Tamás “similar substance // same substance”

Experimental techno is the latest trend taking over the world. Even the most punk-y pubs in Budapest seems to ride this wave. Juhász Tamás’s take on this underground scene is delivering us what we could expect from a techno artist, but also has a lighter twist on it, leaving his gentle mark on the top of the kicking, agressive drums. Great start for dipping into the world of techno, as Tamás is both hard and spacious about the trend, leaving you a bit of a fresh air with the exeptional flowy synthesizers when paying homage to the rave culture.

♪♫ Listen: “6268 Renegade Runner” + album stream

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mïus <BR> “Twentytwo 22”

“Twentytwo 22”

There are moments in life, when you can be proud of being a Hungarian. Not talking about politics or goulash here, but when you see a Hungarian band appearing in DJ Mag. Álmos Gergely’s project is a real success story. His latest album is a trilogy’s closing chord, which also means the end of an era.

The album features mius’s most dinamic tracks, with the eerie vocals of OHNODY, and the most beautiful acoustic instruments.

♪♫ Listen: “Heavy Heart” ft. Zolo + album stream

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ohnody <BR> “nude”


Hegyi Dóri a.k.a. ohnody has always been around, but her solo project has only started in 2017, and released her first album in 2018. We could discover her as a vocal in several Hungarian projects. Her coneptional EP reflects on the emotional, romantic and sexual tensions between people. In the four songs appearing on the EP, the textured world, impregnated with soft melancholy, is in the foreground, hiding in an alternative indie dress with minimal electronic bases.

♪♫ Listen: “Water” + album stream

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Perrin <BR> “Lay Down” EP

“Lay Down” EP

As well as being an alcohol prevention advertising himself, there is hardly anyone in Hungary who knows more funk and disco music than Soma Palotai.

With his debut EP called “Lay Down”, Palotai wanted to modernize these classic sounds, and pimp up his DJ-ing skills with some music making.

♪♫ Listen: “Fine (unravel)” + album stream

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Qualitons <BR> “Echoes calling”

“Echoes calling”

The Qualitons has his own reputation already, with the RHCP checking out their concert, then the recent SXSW has also ended with a success story. But these already fabulous stories won’t make us turn away from their third album, the “Echoes calling”.

Catchy, energetic, psychedelic rock inspired by the sounds of mod-beat and funk music of the 60s and 70s. The album features 7 tracks, recorded all at once, bearing their psychedelic/funk/rock-style. The tracks are longer, made of several parts, the sounds are bolder and more progressive. It all adds up to the band’s characteristic trait, the rich vocal harmonies building on solid guitar grooves.

♪♫ Listen: “Echo” + album stream

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Shaibo <BR> “Naked Feet”

“Naked Feet”

The energetic and fresh team is dedicated to demanding musical performance, but also open to featuring funk, soul, rock and jazz elements. Since 2015, when the four young and talented musicians came up with the idea of Shaibo, they have mastered building flow into their music.

Their lead singer, Zsófi does not simply want to sing her life experiences out, but also to leave those stones, marks and and become full in the flow, and then release the work in the most sincere form.

♪♫ Listen: “Next to me” + album stream

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Leaving enough to the imagination, the TPSRPRT cannot describe it’s genre, and there is no need actually. Tripping, ennergetic and rhythm-focused has popped up in the Hungarian music scene in 2014, since then they left the vowels out of their name and the online platforms. The band left their fame growing tot he word-of-mouth, so they became a fresh analogue pop of color in the sky of technology.

♪♫ Listen: “Dusty” + album stream

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Volkova Sisters <BR> “Slowin Away”

Volkova Sisters
“Slowin Away”

The ritualistic concept album formed by a group of people living in different European countries, working together for almost a decade. The stories of Slowin Away circualting around all the feelings they collected living all around the world, having less and less connection tho loactions. Therefore feeling lonely and generational angst gives the spine of the album, and meeting with the London techno scene, it cannot be a piece of work without that 4/4.

♪♫ Listen: “Bulletproof” + album stream

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