Best Albums of 2018
selected by Micky Niron

Alon Eder <BR> “Mishtalvim Banof”

Alon Eder
“Mishtalvim Banof”

After six albums, Alon Eder and the Band (אלון עדר ולהקה) released a another new record that continues to disperse magic powder of fine music.

Titled “Mishtalvim Banof” (משתלבים בנוף), this new record is a direct continuation of the musical line that Eder and his collective have formulated over the years.

The album was written and composed by Alon, together with all the members of the band – Sefi Cizling on the trumpet, Avner Kalmar on the violin, Ran Darom on the tram, Nadav Hollander on the bass and Yonatan Rosen on the drums.

♫ Listen: “Kiryat Shmona” + album stream

Alon Eder on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, www.

Arik Eber <BR>“Bentaiym ani yahol lomar”

Arik Eber
“Bentaiym ani yahol lomar”

Arik Eber (אריק אבר) is first of all a man of words. Everything starts with what he wants to say and then comes how. At the same time, he has a far-reaching stage talent, so his performances create a strong and precise combination of form and content.

His wandering soul brings with it a healthy and fascinating freedom for the texts themselves, but also for the music that envelops them. The texts in the album “Bentaiym ani yahol lomar” (בינתיים אני יכול לומר) deal with the experience of immigration and identity, government corruption and the humiliation of leaders.

But there are also songs about love.

♫ Listen: “Mi ani Ma” + album stream

Arik Eber on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify.

Dudu Tassa <BR> “Igeret el Ayladim”

Dudu Tassa
“Igeret el Ayladim”

After conquering many peaks in his career already, Dudu Tassa continues to innovate, as he dares not rest for a moment.

On his new album entitled “Igeret el Ayladim” (איגרת אל הילדים), Tassa combines electronic touches with warm sound of wind instruments, drums, as well as string instruments – together creating a picturesque sound.

The album is accompanied by a collection of illustrations by Sariel Klasseli on the front cover of the book and the album.

♫ Listen: “Kritot” + album stream

Dudu Tassa on Facebook, Spotify.

Einav Jackson Cohen <BR> “Shney Levavot”

Einav Jackson Cohen
“Shney Levavot”

It’s hard not to miss Einav Jackson Cohen (עינב ג’קסון כהן), one of the most creative and prominent female voices in the Israeli indie scene – as well as a pianist and composer.

Instead of going with one producer to the studio and recording an album from beginning to end, every song asked for something else and led the way.

“Shney Levavot” (שני לבבות) includes delicate songs on the piano, widened and shrunk, changing forms and colors, and effect of traveling among studios and met many artists.

♫ Listen: “Shalosh efsharuyot” + album stream

Einav Jackson Cohen on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Fortis <BR> “Mador Feyot”

“Mador Feyot”

Rami Fortis is one of the most influential and important voices in the history of Israeli music.

“Mador Feyot” (מדור פיות) presents a new/old picture of Fortis and his wide influences – from classical to techno, to the kind of rock he created for himself and to all of us as a milestone in Israeli music.

It all gets combined with new influences and new voices that have not yet been heard in his albums.

♫ Listen: “Mador Feyot” + album stream

Fortis on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, www.

Hila Ruach <BR> “Musika Lepirsomot”

Hila Ruach
“Musika Lepirsomot”

With music that combines rock, pop, indie and psychedelia, and exposed texts, honest and dripping bleeding humor on the fine seam line between poetics and street language, Hila Ruach proves once again that she is the ultimate Israeli indie princess in her second album, “Music for Advertising,” which she produced together With Ram Orion.
There is no doubt that this is a unique work and will inject new blood into Israel’s alternative rock.

♫ Listen: “Icecream” + album stream

Hila Ruach on Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify.

Liron Amram <BR> “Halom Yashan”

Liron Amram
“Halom Yashan”

For several years, Liron Amram (לֹירון עמרם) has been working independently and has established himself as an exceptional performer, writer and composer in the local musical landscape.

The circles that were exposed to Liron and his work expanded, even to the established districts when Amram won the prize ACUM as the “Breakthrough of the Year.”

And with “Halom Yashan” (חלום ישן) he became a great promise for Israeli rock.

♫ Listen: “Lean” + album stream

Liron Amram on Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify, www.

Tatran <BR> “Foresee”


The instrumental ensemble, with its many virtues and praise, is more diligent than ever with a third album in four years, and it is predicting what is to come.

As a unique and groundbreaking ensemble in Israel with a world-renowned reputation as a charismatic, touring band around the globe, viral clips, loyal faithful audiences, the talented trio continues to refine its rich musical vision.

“Foresee” is an unprecedented combination of progressive rock, post-rock, futuristic fusion and electronic music, whose virtuosic synchronization makes it a multidimensional and total experience.

♫ Listen: “White lies” + album stream

Tatran on Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, www.

theAngelcy <BR> “Nodyssey”


“Nodyssey” is the second and expected album of theAngelcy, which is being published simultaneously in Israel, Europe and in the United States, about four years after the release of their first successful album “Inside Exit”.

The band is more mature and experienced now, which results in an album that is almost a musical adventure. “Nodyssey” touches on the local angle of the blind journey towards victory both locally and universally.

♫ Listen: “mona lisa” + album stream

theAngelcy on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify.

Tomer Yeshayahu <BR> “Tripoli”

Tomer Yeshayahu

Tomer Yeshayahu (תומר ישעיהו) is best known as the founder of ISAIAH, with whom he has released two albums, and many of them have won acclaim. After the band ended, Tomer took on production, and during that time he produced Jane Bordeaux’s first album.

Tomer has a unique sound that has crystallized for him with each album and now culminates in “Tripoli” (טריפולי), a joint production with Roi Hermon. The serenity of poetry and melodic songwriting give a pleasant and addictive feeling that is hard to explain — but worth knowing.

♫ Listen: “Shir shel kaits” + album stream

Tomer Yeshayahu on Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify.