Selected tracks from 2018
picked by Justine Guimard 


Francesco Tristano
“Triangle Song”

Francesco Tristano is a multifaceted artist: pianist, composer, Classical, Techno and Jazz musician. As for Classical, he is often associated with Baroque music (mainly Bach and before). His open-minded and creative attitude led him to the recording of piano versions of Techno tracks and collaborations with renowned artists from the industry such as Carl Craig.

“The Triangle Song”, featuring the Grammy-winning Canadian musician Jason Charles Beck, better known as Chilly Gonzales, was released on the album “Piano Circle Songs” (on Sony Classical). The video clip was released in April, this year.

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Sun Glitters
“Calling Out”

Victor Ferreira, a.k.a Sun Glitters, spends his time between music production, video direction and graphic design – spending over two decades publishing his work under the name “MADEBYHUJO” (he created, among other things, his latest EP’s visual).

Sun Glitters traveled the world to perform in renowned venues and great festivals such as Primavera Sound (ES), The Great Escape (UK), Eurosonic (NL), Fever (JP), Iceland Airwaves (IS), Dour Festival (BE) and many more. His project started in 2011 and after heaps of EPs, remixes, collaborations and albums, Sun Glitters closed the year with a new LP “LO-FI-LO-VE“.

The 13 tracks on “LO-FI-LO-VE” reveal an intimate facet of Sun Glitters’ work and “sends a heartfelt and emotive pulse directly into the soul”.

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Mad Fox

Rewarded the “Best song of the year” by the Luxembourg Music Awards, “Bubble” is one of the catchy Pop Rock themes on Mad Fox‘s first full length album, expected in 2019.

It was composed by Jimmy Leen (Vocals/Guitars), Charles Stoltz (Guitars) Jerome Klein (Keys), Dirk Kellen (Drums), Aloyse Weyler (Percussions) and Tom Gatti (Bass), all coming from various musical backgrounds. This versatile band offers very few live performances and remains discreet.

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“Karma Gravity”

C’est Karma, it’s the sweet association of an intimate atmosphere, an ethereal voice and a real presence. Her style, influenced by different genres, is halfway between Folk and Pop.

Still a bit hesitant on stage, C’est Karma has much to offer. Her talent had been awarded since she just received the title of “the best upcoming woman in music” from the Luxembourg Music Awards.

For now, you can see live the 16 years old talented singer-songwriter in Luxembourg only. But who knows what 2019 holds?

C’est Karma on Facebook, YouTube.


Alex Uhlmann

Even if Alex Uhlmann has been better known as the lead singer of Planet Funk since 2010, 2018 marked his consolidation and assertion as a solo artist.

Singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, this versatile artist released this year his first single “Back Home” in collaboration with the legendary house DJ David Morales. Lately, Alex released ‘Butterfly’, his second single as a solo artist through Universal Italy.

In collaboration with IBM, Alex has been chosen to write this song with help of Watson’s artificial intelligence software and was awarded “Thinker Award for Creativity”.

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Bartleby Delicate

Bartleby Dedicate is the solo project of Georges Goerens, the lead singer of Seed To Tree (look down below).

“Sibling” is the second single from his debut EP “Whatever We Find Suitable to Compare”, which we already introduced few months ago on beehype.

Bartleby Delicate’s work and passion have recently been hailed since he just received the “stART-up award for Best Upcoming Artist” by Rockal and Rocklab, at the Luxembourg Music Awards.

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David Ianni
“Agios o Theos”

“My Urban Piano” is an ambitious project of the pianist and composer David Ianni. From March 2017 until August 2018, he went to 9 European Capitals of Culture to record compositions dedicated to each city. He also performed on an artistically designed piano, then donated to institutions of the cities.

“Agios o Theos”, recorded in Athens, is the last composition of this project. On the video, he performs with the Children’s Choir of Pedagogiki Primary School, Olya Eleftheriou and Apostolis Markakis.

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Seed to Tree
“I Wouldn’t Mind”

The release of a new single, the recording of a new album, a tour around German… Year 2018 was quite hectic and productive for Seed to Tree.

The Pop Folk band is preparing a high-quality and promising new album, due in spring 2019. We can’t wait! In the meantime you can read (again) latest beehype article about Seed to Tree.

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Napoleon Gold
“I Only See You”

Maybe this name doesn’t ring the bell yet. It can’t be far off… Napoleon Gold is the project of the young Electronic music producer Antoine Honorez. After many collaborations and remixes, here comes the moment to present his first album „A New Color”.

This six tracks debut EP, released on May 25th on the US label Cinematic Music Group, is full of surprises. “I only See You” got rated 6th most popular song on HypeMachine. And it was without knowing about featuring of the Indie-Pop band Cristobal and the Sea or the American rapper T-Pain.

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Once again, EDSUN is part of Luxembourg’s highlight of the year. After the release of his second EP “You Are Not Just One Thing”, a European “Platonic Touch” tour, and dance workshops, his work and creativity had been awarded since he was just named “Best artist of the year” at the Luxembourg Music Awards.

He received two more prizes for the video clip “Lisa”, which is about “getting to a space of nothing in your head and then choose to fill it up with love and positivity”.

To know more about EDSUN, you can read our recent article about this beautiful project.

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