Best Tracks of 2018
selected by Elena Peljhan

Anna O.
“Tvoj dom nema da bide”

Anna O. is a punk/post-emo/hardcore trio from Kochani, Macedonia. “Tvoj dom nema da bide” is their first single from the new album “Grobot na eden robot”.

Anna O. was born in an era when the politic situation in Macedonia was on it’s most critical point. (OK, it still is.) So their lyrics and shouts are a natural consequence of living or better said “surviving” in the country. They are not singing about some imagined dystopia, but it’s current reality. Packed with aggression, passion, a message, and a sense of urgency. The album was released for two independent local labels: Kran Records and Deny Records.

Anna O. on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp.

“Ne sum tvoj tip”

Press play and try not to dance to this song. Super-DUPER tunes straight outta Skopje.

“Ne sum tvoj tip” (I’m not your type) – a song that instantly became a number one hit in Macedonia. This is the most played local song for 2018 for the punk kids, rappers… everybody. They bring new energy and freshness to a familiar story and through their catchy sound they spread the positivity with the listeners.

Duper on Facebook, Instagram.


Fosfen is a new indie pop/rock trio from Bitola. Maybe the cutest release on this list. I love when youngsters are still motivated and still want to shake things up. And it’s a completely different release than any of their ‘older’ colleagues. Out of step.

If “Dischord Records” would release a Macedonian band, this would be it! 2018 was a good year for them, debut release and concerts all over the country with which they managed to create a fan base.

Fosfen on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram, Spotify.

Funk Shui

Skopje way of funk – melodies that should be part of every good record collection. Unusual, modern and mature.

Funk Shui is a band from Skopje that combines many different rhythms and alternative instrumental music genres. An idea influenced by the grunge scene in Seattle, jam sessions and funk music, which they later named Funk Shui. Their new album “Impulse” was released last month, and it’s their music desire to act. “Виулица / Сомнежи?” (Blizzard / Doubts?) is a new video for the second single.

Funk Shui on Facebook, Instagram.

Matej Foltz

Beat the drum and let the poet speak!

Matej Foltz is bringing ’90s hip-hop era back with a modern twist in his new single “Ponedelnik” (meaning “Monday”). This 20-year-old artist based in Skopje presents mature music that is more refined and even better expressed than his “older colleagues”. Matej’s lyrical flow makes him enjoyable to listen.

“Ponedelnik” is our aloneness with such beauty and depth that we’re not lonely. We all need to press the “restart” button because of all the noise, problems, technology…

Matej Foltz on Instagram, Youtube.

Muhamed Ibrahimi

Muhamed Ibrahimi is one of the most influential and most versatile guitarists in this part of Europe. He is a former member of Blla Blla Blla (1988-1999). His style and approach are very impressive and original, and he proves it and shows with his first album “Fly” (and concerts) from 2014. This attracts a huge attention of the Skopje audience, who is hungry for the sophisticated sound that spills under his fingers, from the wires of the instruments he plays. This year he released his new, second album called “Devotion”.

The guitar, which has a special tune, treats it in an unconventional and intuitive way with special feelings. The compositions are an authentic mixture of several styles such as rock, blues and classic that are rooted in a deep oriental melos with Balkan folk. A point where Europe and Asia musically intersect.

Muhamed Ibrahimi on Youtube.


“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.” “Den” is a combination of love poetry and excellent hip-hop. Emotions fearlessly presented in S.A.M.’s new single. Tetovo’s finest.

His album “Ogledalo” (meaning “mirror”) is divided into four parts: I – there is no place like home, II – songs for her, III – ego trip and part IV – Nikola, and each chapter is a thematic, sound or even dialectological metamorphosis. “Mirror” symbolizes Nikola’s inner battle, the conflict with his greatest enemy, the one who is sitting in front of the mirror, the environment that mirrors our common problems, desires, and fears. “Mirror” to genuinely see in the eyes of the other.

S.A.M. on Facebook, Youtube.

“Vo mojot grad”

The godfathers of the Macedonian hardcore are back with a new single and album release this year.

“Vo mojot grad” is an ode to Skopje, but also a message to the politicians: Do not abuse our pain in your vile political games! It’s hard to accept that your hometown is changed for worse. A place that you once knew as home, to be nothing more than a good childhood memory. “Vo mojot grad is a song of great importance and emotion for all of us. A song dedicated to people who want to cover up murders that use those killings for their political campaigns. We know that we will not forget the moment when our city was no more ours!”

Smut on Facebook, Instagram.

“Sim Simma”

Rough and dark groove straight out of the streets of Skopje. I am sure that a lot of people will agree that Macedonia has the best and strongest hip-hop scene in the Balkans.

In a scene with serious competition, it’s hard to keep the badge “the top underground hip-hop artist”, for many years. But Strajk sincerely creates his music and has a special respect and biggest fan base. He began to record in 1997 as part of Legijata, and in 2001, together with Blazej, they formed the group STR2. Till now he has released two solo albums, “Kutija” and “Zemen raj”. “Sim Simma” is his latest single which tops all his previous work.

Strajk on Facebook.

The Beginnings
“All the birds”

The Beginnings (previously “Noviot Pochetok”) is one of the longest-running punk rock/melodic hardcore bands from Macedonia, established in 2002. The band changed its name to “The Beginnings” in September 2018. At the same time, they released their first LP in English under the name “I am dirt”.

This album is a fresh start for the band. Since they have a really strong fan base all over Europe, now the audience can easily do sing-alongs. The song “All the birds” is a great example of their melodic style of punk rock which goes into your ear and never leaves. Listen to their full release and don’t forget to check their powerful live performance since they are constantly touring Europe.

The Beginnings on Facebook, Instagram, www, Twitter.