Best Tracks of 2018
selected by José Luis Mercado


Perra Vida

“Y si quiero yo pogueo y si quiero bailo perreo.” (“If I want to I mosh and I want to I dance reggaeton”), that’s all the lyrics you need for making a statement in one of the best female punk songs of Latin America thie year.

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Lorena Blume
“Cuchara chueca”

The young singer shows her sensitivity to reinterpret folklore. With her soft voice and a strong influence of Jorge Drexler (the production is by Matías Cella), in “Cuchara chueca” alludes to self-acceptance with a slight remembrance to Chabuca Granda.

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Neon Dominik
“Someone like U”

Despite being a song predominantly in English, it is one of the most Latin songs of the year. And the influence doesn’t come precisely from the Latin American folklore, but from the Latin imaginary of the sound of Ibiza and the Eurodisco. The Mendocilla brothers created a classic underground dance song.

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Banana Child
“En el jardin”

“En el jardin” is the advance of Banana Child, an indie rock band that reaffirms its ability to make good pop songs. There is not much science, just fun.

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Rara Avis
“Fiesta del sol”

Raúl Santiago presents “Neo Criollismo” and a miscegenation with songs of contemporaneity and tradition. “Fiesta del sol” is the result of a process that has taken shape over time and deserves to be heard.

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Laikamori is still the most attractive experimental project for lovers of electronics among the bands that appeared in this decade and “Masken” was the second advance of his album “Persōna” released during this year. Ambient and folktrónica of impeccable confection.

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Naia Valdez

Naia Valdez is a young talent that is influenced by artists as Regina Spektor and Julieta Venegas that wants to be part of a new current of folk pop. In May of 2018, she released “Corre”, one of the most beautiful songs commanded by an acoustic guitar and very personal lyrics where she exhibits his fears and mistakes.

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La Nueva Invasión
“Yo te quiero así”

La Nueva Invasión released this year thier third album “Amor y resistencia”. The first advance of that production was “Yo te quiero así” and according to the neo-cumbia band it’s a song written for the tolerance of love under all forms of sexual orientation, necessary in times where in Peru there is news of parents who kill their children when declare that they are gay, encouraged by ideologies of religious intolerance and extreme politics.

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“1 2 3″

When Danitse launched “Viaje” several years ago, the local music press predicted that it would be the beginning of a productive musical career. However, that never happened. In 2018, she has once again released a song in style. “1 2 3” is not only an evolution but a proof of a mature concept, and advancement of an album that will follow the line of pop art that will be released in 2019.

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La Mecánica Popular
“Parte 1 – Bienvenida”

Ethnomusicologist Efraín Rozas continues his exploration of Afro-Latin American music with his project La Mecánica Popular. This year he released his most conceptual album called Rosa Cruz and “Parte 1 – Bienvenida” is the introductory part where passages from the past and psychedelia are confused to create one of the most interesting dance albums of the year.

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Santa Madero
“Pero frágil”

The first thing that surprised the local music press about the band was the age of its members. But as it happens with Renata Flores and Kayfex, it should not be a surprise that people under 20 have access to better productions and therefore bring better songs. “Pero Frágil” is a very sophisticated pop song that has an almost unrecognizable sample of “Plástico” by Rubén Blades well worked between influences of synthpop and dreamwave, that provokes desire to know more songs that the band will release in the coming months.

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Dengue Dengue Dengue
“Son de los diablos”

Dengue Dengue Dengue continues to evolving to more diverse sounds from their original digital cumbia style. This year they releeased two EPs (“Son de los diablos” and “Semillero”). From the first EP’s, this song is the product of a experiment with percusive groove, jungle influence and strong Afro-Peruvian cadence, proving the good artistic moment of the electronic duo.

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La Lá
“Morir soñando”

After the acclaimed album “Zamba puta”, La Lá decided to release a single during 2018 and it is “Morir soñando”, a song strongly influenced by Latin jazz, between Cuban cadence and Brazilian rhythms, demonstrating Giovanna Nuñez versatility to demonstrate her talent as a singer-songwriter solo or with a band.

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“Canción de cuna para ciudades fantasma”

Moldes has become one of the most famous indie rock bands of 2010s in Peru. The single -translated as “Lullaby for ghost cities” demonstrates maturity and reiterates its handling for pop songs. The musical critics have considered it an ode to the more nostalgic Lima, Peruvian capital city.

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Novalima feat. Liberato Kani and Sylvia Falcón

Novalima is a musical collective that has long been identified with Afro-Peruvian music. So to draw a new musical direction invite two exponents of neo-Andean music: the soprano Sylvia Falcón and the rapper Liberato Kani.

Together they created one of the most original songs of the year.

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Renata Flores feat. Kayfex

Renata Flores Rivera is a 17-year-old girl from Ayacucho who intends to change the Peruvian musical scene. Like many millennials she started on a YouTube channel doing covers, but she adapted the songs to Quechua until one day she decided that it was time to record original compositions.

“Tijeras” is not her own first song that showed the world, but it’s her most conscious song according to current events related to the position of women against the macho violence that prevails in our society.

It was produced by Kayfex, an 18-year-old DJ from Ayacucho too, considered one of the best young electronic producers of Peru right now.

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