Best Albums of 2018
by Paulo Homem de Melo of Glam Magazine

Mike El Nite <BR> “Inter-Missão”

Mike El Nite

This unique moment of creation of Mike El Nite, was not made alone … “Inter-Missão” runs 2 years of the life of Mike El Nite, now that he reaches the threshold of his 30th birthday. Daring and daring (as always), the disc is divided between the music and the comic strip that accompanies this second mission of Miguel Caixeiro in the music like that of a secret mission was.

“Inter-Missão” (Inter-Mission), released in the ‘difficult’ month of December, was the most lively proof that hip hop refreshes in the middle of winter.

♪♫ Listen: “Capacete/Arco-íris” + album stream

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X-Wife <BR> “X-Wife”


“X-Wife”, an album that arrives almost 7 years after the last record of original of the band with 10 new songs worked to the smallest detail. The wait was long and, as with every wait of this genre, the expectation for a new X-Wife album was huge.

An exorcism, an act of liberation where the band with their songs decides to break with its materialistic universe and initiate a ritual of return to the origins.

♪♫ Listen: “This Game” + album stream

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Keep Razors Sharp <BR> “Overcome”

Keep Razors Sharp

Years and years to give the breast and blood to the music of guitars in different lives, these four guys have joined for an important journey. Bráulio, Afonso, Rai and BB are the guys who accidentally came to impersonate rock’n’roll in Portugal. Yes, the one that will never give of itself as long as there are people like them ready to give you the necessary serum. Good villains of this Portuguese rock, brought a younger brother to the debut album of 2014. The always difficult second album that literally fled from the shadow of the first.

♪♫ Listen: “Always And Forever” + album stream

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Best Youth <BR>  “Cherry Domino”

Best Youth
“Cherry Domino”

In “Cherry Domino,” Ed and Kate created themes involved in a neo-noir aesthetic, influenced by 80’s cinema, where synthesizers and rhythm boxes intersect with environmental textures and nostalgic melodies. The much anticipated and difficult second album of the Best Youth does not have the same energy and innovation of the duo’s debut album but in “Cherry Domino”, the Best Youth explore the conflicts and internal worries that, in a world of sharing and interconnection, more are hidden and concealed.

The songs are framed as stories and emotional outbursts, told to a kind of fictional ’emotional support’, whose only function is to listen and empathize.

♪♫ Listen: “Nightfalls” + album stream

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Filipe Sambado <BR> “Filipe Sambado & os Acompanhantes de Luxo”

Filipe Sambado
“Filipe Sambado & os Acompanhantes de Luxo”

“Filipe Sambado & os Acompanhantes de Luxo” (Filipe Sambado & Luxury Escorts), is presented as a compendium of organized sounds in the form of hymns. A set of songs that depart from an indie pop matrix and consolidate a sonic universe that both establishes complicities with Portuguese music (from the song of author to popular music and dance), as it is contaminated by krautrock, lo-fi or surf music.

They are songs that challenge us, summon the memory and project it into an exercise of reconfiguration of the current Portuguese identity. Filipe Sambado spent his childhood and adolescence from one side to the other, and perhaps this wandering is not a bad starting point to understand who he is. If your growth is made to err inside a border, your music breaks the trail of the intimacy of one who confesses, but inevitably brings the vulnerability of who travels.

♪♫ Listen: “Alargar o Passo” + album stream

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Márcia <BR> “Vai e Vem”

“Vai e Vem”

It was with “Tempestade” that “Vai e vem” (Go and Come), Marcia’s fourth album of originals was unveiled. 12 songs, where there are duets with António Zambujo, Salvador Sobral and the always “battle” comrade Samuel Úria, “Vai e Vem” brings once again the simplicity and magic of Márcia’s candid voice, in simple but complex songs in the the way the singer transforms them, transmitting disagreements, losses and abandonments.

A record of loves and weaknesses to internalize throughout your hearing.

♪♫ Listen: “Tempestade” + album stream

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Selma Uamusse <BR> “Mati”

Selma Uamusse

Until recently, the music of Selma Uamusse respected other styles, quite distinct from the sounds of her native country, Mozambique. Almost as if in the artistic process, the formation of Selma in Portugal stood out and, involuntarily, overshadowed its musical roots. Thus arises this search assumed by what made it to be the person and artist that it is today. “Mati” is a manifesto for the harmony sought in the world around us. In sound terms, it is simply a colorful breath of fresh air in every way, where the singer feeds on sounds and shares her identity on stages that welcome her with open arms.

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The Legendary Tigerman <BR> “Misfit”

The Legendary Tigerman

“Misfit” is the first album in which Paulo Furtado leaves the one man band format and counts on with the participation of Paulo Segadães on drums and João Cabrita on the baritone sax, elements that became, first, indispensable presence in the tour of the previous “True” and finally, full-time companions in the art and craft of Paulo Furtado.

“Misfit” is much more than a rock record is ‘The rock record’ of the year and we were in need and no one better than The Legendary Tigerman himself to expand every grain of sand that composes it. “Misfit” elevates The Legendary Tigerman to a prominent level in the national musical scene with his already normal irreverence and aggressiveness on stage.

♪♫ Listen: “Motorcycle Boy” + album stream

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Dead Combo <BR> “Oden Hotel”

Dead Combo
“Oden Hotel”

The duo formed by Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves makes a point of continuing to consolidate their singular universe and to take ever further a song that, based on the deepest Lusitanian soul, knows no limits of time or space or style. In “Oden Hotel”, it is surrounded by an exceptional guest role that, always faithful to the project’s unique and strong personality, actively participates in its constant search for progression. The result is an intense and muscular instrumental excursion of immense rhythmic and timbre richness that expands the deeply original imagination that distinguishes the music of the Lisbon duo to levels of excellence, only within the reach of the elected and the best.

♪♫ Listen: “Deus Me Dê Grana” + album stream

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Joana Espadinha <BR> “O Material Tem Sempre Razão”

Joana Espadinha
“O Material Tem Sempre Razão”

Joana Espadinha first took us to dance and then made us think. In two singles she showed what was coming. She is a singer, author, performer. It’s full body music. It makes songs that cling to us, activate the movement of emotions and the vibration of muscles, from the heart, and invite us both to wiggle our hips and shake us. We could describe Joana Espadinha’s record as a pop album that plunges into the Portuguese music heritage of artists such as Lena d’Água or Gabriela Schaff as she emerges dabbling in artists such as Air, Stereolab, Aimee Man, Feist or French soundtracks and the sensual electronics of the 60s. A record of strong songs expressing a strong, crystalline voice, intelligent and enlightened, emancipated and seductive.

“O Material Tem Sempre Razão” (The material is always right) is a journey of exploration, discovery and affirmation, both in musical and lyric terms. Benjamin stole Joana Espadinha from Jazz and got pop to occupy an increasingly difficult place to reach with quality.

♪♫ Listen: “Pensa bem” + album stream

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