Best Albums of 2018
selected by Nemanja Neskovic

E- Play <BR> “Sloboda”

E- Play

E-Play marked their 20th anniversary by relasing new album called “Sloboda” (“Freedom”) with seven fresh, melodic and energetic songs. This is their most serious effort when it comest to lyrics, sound and production as well.

It‘s also worth to mention that the video for the song “Šamarčina” was part of campaign against family violence.

♪♫ Listen: “Šamarčina” + album stream

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Ivica <BR> “Kakvi ste to ljudi”

“Kakvi ste to ljudi”

Ivica used to be a solo acoustic project of singer-songwriter Ivan Kačavenda, but now it‘s his duo with Aleksandra Andonovska. Their new effort brings dreamy shoegaze sound with poignant lyrics and sometimes melancholic atmosphere.

This is the very first record for new music label Kontra. In one interview, Ivan told me he is very satisfied with this album and although he still kept his intimate sound, it is no longer hermetic.

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Marko Louis <BR> “Euridika”

Marko Louis

Wonderful new record by this multitalented musician and songwriter. This is his third solo release – following critically acclaimed studio albums “Shine On Me” and “Beskraj”.

Marko combines soul and jazz with traditional Serbian trumpets, so everything works out very exotic and powerful. On “Euridika”, he was also influenced by the well-known ancient Greek tragedy.

There are plenty of great melodic details and pleasant compositions here, and also several collaborations with his fellow music colleagues, which all sound beautiful.

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Sv. Pseta <BR> “Koliko samo tajni…”

Sv. Pseta
“Koliko samo tajni…”

Sv. Pseta is duo from Belgrade formed in 2017. It consists of Nemanja and Aleksandar, two youngsters who have known each other for a few years already.

This is their debut record and it’s full of uncompromising and furious songs where only guitar riffs and drum beats rule. They don’t lack energy nor aggressiveness.

“Koliko samo tajni…” is instrumental album lasting only 17 minutes. But it’ just enough time to realize what these kids are capable of.

♪♫ Listen: “Život” + album stream

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Slonz  <BR> “Lepota u glavi”

“Lepota u glavi”

This is alternative rock trio from the city of Šabac, which has won several prestigious awards at various demo music festivals in Serbia.

They quote acts like the White Stripes, Oasis or Blur as their influences, which can be heard on their very first album “Lepota u glavi”. It is a mix of garage rock and britpop with numerous changes in tempo and rhythm.

It’s not wrong or pretentious to say they are the future of Serbian music scene.

♪♫ Listen: “Neki čovek” + album stream

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Stray Dogg <BR> “Look At The Moon”

Stray Dogg
“Look At The Moon”

On their fourth record, Stray Dogg offers us another round of high quality songs accompanied with full and clear sound as well as more exciting rhythm changes.

The main singer, Dušan Strajnić, does some great things with his voice so, once again, his vocal performance is splendid. They are one of the most successful Serbian bands at the moment, so I have no doubt they soon will embark on a new European tour.

Hopefully, they will have more luck and more people become aware of their potential and abilities.

♪♫ Listen: “Worried Mind” + album stream

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Turisti <BR> “Levo ili desno”

“Levo ili desno”

Turisti is a band led by Boško Mijušković, one of the most prominent musicians of new generation on the Serbian scene.

Singles which preceded this LP were amazing and gathered loads of positive reviews, so Turisti managed to generate high expectations for the rest of the album.

They are also known for their impeccable live shows, when songs from this debut release sound even more astonishing.

♪♫ Listen: “Digitalno doba” + album stream

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Kolja <BR> “4 prsta”

“4 prsta”

We know Nikola Pejaković – Kolja from movie industry, but after several releases it is clear he became equally successful as a musician.

His most recent effort “4 prsta” is full of high-octane blues rock mixed with furious rock’n’roll and jazzy sounds. He even gave music soundtrack to four poems of famous Serbian poet J.J. Zmaj.

Also, Kolja showed us he is a true guitar virtuoso.

♪♫ Listen: “Svaku noć je isti mrak” + album stream

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Igralom <BR> “Sunovrat”


One of Serbia‘s most promising young groups returned with a new album where they keep exploring and experimenting with various genres – combining heavy guitars and lots of different influences.

This is a very complex and multi-layered record and plenty of hidden gems can be found here. “Sunovrat” is truly proving that Serbian music scene doesn’t have to worry about its future.

♪♫ Listen: “Zlato” + album stream

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Kralj Čačka <BR> “Spusti svetlost na put”

Kralj Čačka
“Spusti svetlost na put”

Nenad Marić aka Kralj Čačka is one of the most favorite artists amongst music critics in Serbia. Fans were expecting a remarkable piece of work from him and that was exactly what this musician presented them with “Spusti svetlost na put”.

On this album, you can hear swamp blues, folk, mellow rock and all similar music elements. He sounds more communicative and warm, maybe because he got rid of the characteristic cabaret vocals and comparisons with Tom Waits.

Kralj Čačka is unique act in Serbia and I am glad I can witness his rise to fame.

♪♫ Listen: “Mama kupi mi propeler” + album stream

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