betcover!!, a solo project of Jiro Yanase from Tokyo, might be the Japanese equivalent of King Krule.

Born in 1999, Jiro Yanase (ヤナセ・ジロウ) has released three album as Betcover!! to date, with the latest called “Jikan” (Time). It was recorded almost in one take with support of a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a keyboard player.

Jiro Yanase has been listening not only to latest indie rock or pop music, but also old blues, R&B, and Rock’n Roll, including legendary Japanese musicians like RC Succession, INU and Fishmans.

He sometimes sings in folk manner like RC Succession, sometimes he plays guitar in punk manner like INU, and he adds dub music style to his tracks like Fishmans did. As a result, his music has accidentally become similar to King Krule.

In the music video “Kaiten Tenshi” (回転・天使), or “Rotation / Angel”, he sings as if he was whispering about the one he once loved… or love for vinyl record and turntable. He always sings about interpersonal relationships and his love for music.

This week we’ll have a chance to get to know him better as he scheduled a live event named “Crisis”, which will be streamed online on 6th February at 17:30 Japan time. You can join and enjoy the event on his YouTube.


betcover!! on Twitter, Instagram, Spotify.

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