B'يT (Beyt)

B’يT, or Beyt (Home), is an exceptional meeting between 3 main contributors to the contemporary Arab music scene.

Jordanian/Palestinian artist Muhammad Abdullah founded the El Morabba3 (The Cube) in 2009. His music offers a unique blend of socially committed lyrics, modern electronic treatments, and post-rock sonorities. Described as holistic, spatial and raucous, the El Morabba3 project rapidly became a leading social and political figure of the independent Arab music scene.

Zeid Hamdan is the talented producer behind some of the most popular bands in the Lebanese and regional Arab alternative scenes, including Soapkills, Maryam Saleh and Zeid & The Wings, among others. Active as a musician and producer since the mid-1990’s, he has also recorded music for several award-winning soundtracks, contributed to the discovery of countless local talents, Lebanese and otherwise, and participated in hundreds of music concerts and performances. In 2012, CNN nominated him as one of the leading personalities of Lebanese culture.

Founded in 2008, Tanjaret Daghet nowadays consists of Khaled Omran (lead vocals and bass), joined by Tarek Khuluki on electric guitar and backing vocals, and Dany Shukri on drums. Derived from the Arabic term for a pressure pot, the name Tanjaret Daghet represents the three musicians’ desire to express the voices of today’s youth, whether in the Arab area or in the world at large. Fueled by great passion, coupled with authenticity and unshakable conviction, their music transcends worldly struggles and tragedy and uplifts the spirit. “It doesn’t matter what language you speak. Music transcends,” says Omran.

Tanjaret Daghet, Zeid Hamdan, and El Morabba3 have greatly influenced the underground scenes of their respective countries, yet they still do not have a place they can rightfully call “home”. With the collaborative musical project Beyt (Home), they’ve embarked on a quest for identity and belonging, that transcends manmade frontiers and obstacles.


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