Bez Bileta

Not losing their pop rock vibe, Belarusian group Bez Bileta gets more serious on their latest album “Mayak”, or “Lighthouse”.

Bez Bileta (Без Билета) isn’t exactly new – the band is 20 years old now. In this time they definitely worked out an easily recognizable sound – a mix of pop-guitars, semi-catchy melodies, and vocals that somehow taste almost raggy-like, although band doesn’t really play raggy.

For the most part the songs of the band would revolve around romantic relationships, and would promote easy, light worldview. The band was very stable in this for years, and while their compositions sound pleasant enough some people may complain they lack a bit of depth.

With this regard the last release “Mayak” (“Маяк”) is an interesting departure. While still presenting all the typical tones of pop rock, it takes a slightly gloomier turn. Some of the songs would reference topics more grim, such as man’s journey through life and perhaps death.

Mixing in these topics in band’s almost mindlessly careless sound and melodies gives an interesting effect, providing long needed contrast and depth.

As the result, finally everything sounds complete, adult, serious. Bez Bileta do not lose their pop rock vibe, they still have very amicable nature, but now you can feel life experience and complexity behind this pretty face. As such, this is very attractive, almost mesmerizing.

Unlike their other albums “Mayak” keeps the listener engaged throughout, and asks to be played again and again. This is an without a doubt a success and certainly the highest point in the band’s career so far.

“Pirogy” (“Pirogues”) is very representative for this album, with its gloomy sound, powerful chorus, and lyrics referencing burning pirogues making their last trip towards the sunset.

It’s not Leonard Cohen deep, and thanks God, but it’s deep enough to project a thoughtful, sad and yet content mood onto listener, and perhaps to keep them listening for remaining 9 tracks of the album.

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