Biche is the new French pop sensation. That’s it. The kind of we had been happy to share with the world. The kind of we should select for the French contribution to the world great pop circus.

Biche (French word for “hind”), are 5 guys, talented, inspired, and probably funny as their videos could suggest. They came with “La Nuit des Perseides“, their first LP. If you have the chance to record pop songs, the jeweler’s ones, you might as well do it the right way.

It can take time to gather all the micro pieces, to add others, to rearrange them all to finally deliver precise and compact effort. And these guys seem to have accepted to take the time necessary to gather all their ideas (and they seem to have plenty), to pay attention to details, tiny things that will transform your raw initial idea to pocket masterpieces.

Behind their apparent detachment and self-irony, you can imagine all the references gathered (it would be pointless to pick all of them even if the exercice could be fun), all the materials used for their songs but also all the work and the energy mobilized.

Sophisticated and clear, orchestral and catchy, the 9 songs that compose “La Nuit des Perseides” bring all you need to prepare your next travel to nowhere only guided by the nice and soft sensation of the passing of time during.

We have tons of words in French to designate such kind of effort, I will suggest «bijou» for this one. It just had been released, it will be perfect to go with you during the summer.

Stream “La Nuit des Perséides” LP here.


Biche on Facebook, Instagram.

Photo: Ella Hermë

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