Bitten By

Fragile high vocals, synth sounds and vividness: Bitten By is the new project from former We Walk Walls singer Patricia Ziegler.

She started like nobody else: her very first live-appearance was at the well-known SXSW Festival 2017 in Austin, but it was not like a normal gig. Her band was performing live from Vienna over a 360° video stream.

The whole broadcast-project was organized by the Austrian Start Up „sofasession“ (they are doing online jams and stuff, so futuristic!).

Since then she was a very hard working woman: Patricia aka Bitten By produced and recently released her EP “Relations”.

She also did an awesome music video to the single “Honey” and she was soundpark-act of the month September at Austrian youth-radiostation FM4. Everybody was freaking out because of her good tunes.

There is only one suggestion: keep in mind her name!

Stream “Relations” EP on Spotify.


Photo: Kidzin Sane

Bitten By on Facebook, Instagram.

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