To call Bittersweet Britpop revivalists would be somewhat incorrect because to them, it never went away. In their world, Damien Hirst remains the artist extraordinaire, Justine Frischmann is the belle of the ball and Oasis is still the loudest band in the world.

The single “Inspire Desire” is their latest love letter to Suede. If you think that’s blatant labeling, then pause this song’s music video at 2:31. Bittersweet has never been apologetic about their allegiances.

The rich tube-driven guitars and sparse horns recall Coming Age-era Brett Anderson and cohorts but Bittersweet spikes the formula with a sun-bright chorus that just makes you feel like thrusting your hands into the air and declaring it’s summer. Except it’s summer everyday here in these parts.

The song doesn’t outstay its welcome, staying just long enough to say what it needs to say and leaves without even repeating a chorus.

It’s a refreshing turn for a band that has made a name out of pedaling the more anarchic aesthetics of Britpop. This track shows that perhaps they would be able to age a little more like Damon and less like Liam.

There’s a chilling note to the line “I will die for a good life” because the band’s support for their 2016 record “BTSWT” was abruptly halted because of guitarist Herri suffering a near-fatal motorcycle accident earlier this year, but he’s recently recovered and the band is set to start hitting the stage again.


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