Black Zang

Black Zang, also known as BZ, is one of the most well known hip hop personalities in Bangladesh who is also part of the first few hip hop/rap duo Uptown Lokolz.

The scene has grown organically since 2000s and has become a significant part of the new contemporary sound culture. Uptown Lokolz’s first single “Ai Mama Ai” became a major hit amongst the young crowd of Dhaka for whom it was their very own versions of Wu Tang Clan or N.W.A.

BZ’s almost decade long commitment to the scene has resulted into a massive following which only solidified when he began hosting the first and foremost flagship radio show dedicated to hip hop and rap music called “Planet Hip Hop” at Colours FM brought together the entire scene under one roof and facilitated the finding of new talents and build a solid outreach for fresh music.

BZ’s new track “BZ BARZ” is a testament to his music who has grown to possibly become the pioneering figurehead to lead the scene. This new music video also offers the viewers a sneak preview of rustic narrow parts of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka full of energy and youth.


Photo: Dewan Anamul Hasan

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