As part of the greatest rap group in Vietnam – Hazard Clique, Blacka doesn’t go for a different sonic approach on “Có Quá Nhiều Phiền Lo” (Too Many Worries). Production still favors the R&B/Soul flavors of early Kanye West with an emphasis on achieving the nocturnal vibe.

Lyrically, the song is divided into 3 stories with a repeated hook from his label-mate Cam. In each one, Blacka takes us on a journey full of vivid details, impressing through his imagery and performance. He compares those stuck in poverty as “People who have nothing in their wallet and no taste of justice”. In the 2nd tale, he laments for himself through a third-person point of view (“Why does he keep worrying? While his friends keep spending with money they didn’t earn”).

Difficult childhood was listed as the prime reason for “Too Many Worries”, but when the song reaches the final scene, the character is no longer struggling. He’s now in his friends’ position, spending as much as he can though none of his worries seem to fade away.


By having a twist ending, the song escapes from being self-indulgent and too in love with its own struggles. Besides being an exceptional story-teller, Blacka is more than proficient technique-wise to elevate the song to a new height. The recognizable baritone certainly helps, and the fantastic hook from Cam does not hurt either.

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