Blackberry Hill

A project of vocalist Małgorzata Żwikiewicz and instrumentalist Paweł Wiśniewski, who compose, arrange, perform and record all of Blackerry Hill’s music, in a genuine DIY fashion.

The Bydgoszcz-born duo, however, is often accompanied by Joanna Olczyk (cello, vocals), Wojtek Chmielewski (mandolin, electric guitar), and Marcel Witkowski (drums), resulting in an intimate yet lush sound.

Their music falls somewhere between chamber pop and indie-folk. It’s best described as calm, lyrical, and full of sensitivity. Mostly acoustic, with gorgeous harmonies and intricate arrangements, it occasionally features subtle electronic adornments that contribute to its ethereal atmosphere.

“Sleepy Circle”, their latest song, exhibiting more vibrant rhythm and upbeat mood, is featured on Blackberry Hill’s most recent EP called “House of Bones”.


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