The combination of hip-hop and jazz is not very new, even though we dare to say that both genres have not often been combined as smoothly as blackwave. (small letter, dot at the end) is doing it right now.

Their sound is groovy, dance-able, stylish, warm, exciting, intriguing, and quite a few other adjectives could be added to this list.

Like many other acts, blackwave. got one of its first public outings at TrixTrax, a discovery concept from Antwerp that unfortunately came to an end in May 2017, which was incredibly sad news for many people who followed the Belgian music scene very closely. It may have been their very first gig ever, but over 100 people came, and the band handled it as if they had toured the world a few times.

“Elusive”, for which blackwave. got the help of the very soulful David Ngyah as a guest singer, was released in Belgium in October 2017 and became a listeners’ favourite of many a radio station. This video was only disclosed in January of this year.

Did the band do this on purpose to put another step forward and try to conquer the international market? I hope so, and I’m pretty confident they’ll succeed.


Photo: Ashley De Buck

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