Blaire Ko (柯智豪)

Dedicated to those who survived the tragedy of Typhoon Morakot, “We Dare to Forget” reminds us of the perseverance of the Taiwanese people.

“We Dare to Forget” was composed by renowned award-winning producer/musician Blaire Ko (柯智豪), member of Sam-seng-hiàn-gē (三牲獻藝).

The song comes from the documentary film of the same name, which is dedicated to the survivors of Typhoon Morakot – the deadliest typhoon to impact Taiwan in all recorded history.

Sung by Ilid Kaolo (以莉·高露) and Muniyu (沐妮悠), the song itself is gentle and smooth with chamber jazz flavor, delivering the faith of staying alive with firm belief. It reminds us of the strong will of Taiwanese people.


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