Blaž is a producer without classical computer limits. At first known as a talented young hip-hop producer – under the monicker Dpek, he later “returned” under his birth name.
This time he offered an ecletic view on electronic music, producing wild stories bouncing from hip-hop to ambiental from exciting melodies to experimental glitches.

His live act in that period was one of a kind, with him slamming behind the keyboards and with a drummer, who most knew as a member of a Slovenian post-metal outfit The Canyon Observer. This meant the live shows offered everything – from crazy beats to blasts with audience usually at least cheering.

Meanwhile Blaž showcased his new project BAGS with another producer – Šuljo and still managed to offer his new solo album in March. “Don’t Listen to This” is another remarkable example of his diverse work, while the single / video for the song “Friendzone” offers a deeper view in his private life.

As Blaž commented the video’s content: ”I’ve been in a young-old relationship for a few years now and I’ve found that most people don’t understand it, so we made a video for you to take a good look at it.”

It’s good to see that musicians still offer their views on different social issues, changing or at least educating the world around us.

Listen to “Don’t Listen to This” LP here.


Photo credit: Uroš Ambar

Blaž on Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook.

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