Electronic sounds that move heads & bodies from acclaimed Slovenian producer BLAŽ.

When 4 years ago Blaž hit us with his collection “The b Of”, his wide approach to electronics of all the worlds simply charmed us. Visiting his wild live antics became a necessity; what followed was an album of remixes, his second effort “Don’t Listen to This”, the “Giro” compilation and co-producing N’toko’s album “Emirates”.

All this music was suddenly cut short by tinnitus, which, it seemed, would also end Blaž’s career. But the tireless producer used misfortune as inspiration and wrote a very entertaining music adventure – a novel titled “Tat not”.

Yet, after all, it seems he didn’t really finish his business with the music, as suddenly, out of nowhere, Blaž hit us with “Steven” – his latest excursion into the world of limitless electronic sounds that can move heads and bodies.

Stream “Steven” LP on Bandcamp and YouTube.


Photo: Luka Kase

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