Blick Bassy

Two illuminating minutes with the voice of Cameroon.

Last year, Cameroonian singer-songwriter Blick Bassy released a new album called “1958”, a collection of 11 songs ranging from emotional hymns with dramatic vocals and rich orchestration, to more laid-back, uplifting songs.

This month, Blick Bassy unveiled one more track recorded during the “1958” session, titled “Mbog”, and its as good the best songs on that album. It takes just over two minutes, but that makes “Mbog” even more intense and demands a repeated listen to appreciate its beauty and impressive arrangement.

On the lyrical level, “Mbog” is Blick Bassy’s invitation to Cameroon’s tradition and history, advocating balance between what’s behind and what’s ahead, and “the urgency of reconnecting with ourselves.”


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