After mesmerizing “Bleu” in January, Blondino just unveiled a new video clip for her debut album’s title song “Jamais sans la nuit”.

The visuals perfectly materialize the duet’s sound aesthetic, created by singer Tiphaine Lozupone and composer Jean-Christophe Ortega, whom we first introduced with their fantastic video “L’amour n’est-il”.

Taking its inspiration from the dramatic side of French “chanson” and its best representatives like Alain Bashung, in “Jamais sans la nuit” Tiphaine’s languorous voice meets unexpected instrumentations for the genre, melting with nocturnal alternative rock, dark synths and electronic beats in some kind of Radiohead vibes.

This ambition of modernizing French chanson reaches its height near the end, when the twilight synths – which could be taken straight from Anohni’s “Drone Bomb Me” – resonate alone through the volcanic landscapes. Blondino’s music is all about contrasts: dark and luminous, ancient and new.

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