Questions about life, emotions, and eventually love. An upcoming Paris-based artist Blondino asks a lot of questions in her new video, but does not answer any of them.

Her nickname comes from the Swedish novel “Den store Blondino” by Sture Dahlström, and Tiphaine Lozupone – as that’s her real name – was actually born in Italy. And her impressive first single released late last year was dedicated to Norway’s capital. But she currently lives, works and sings in France, and in a very French way.

“L’amour n’est-il” is her second official video. A musical and visual masterpiece, it combines Blondino’s delicate voice and soft arrangements – somewhere in between folk and subtle electronica – with a kaleidoscopic carousel of colours. Music is accompanied by a similar whirl of questions, which don’t really demand answers, just want to be spoken out.

Both “Oslo” and this new video, created by the young Parisian duo of directors R&D and produced by Video Skillz, come off Blondino’s 4-track debut EP, which you can stream right now on Spotify and Deezer.


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