Blooms Corda

Blooms Corda, whose debut album we introduced a while back, recently released the second album called “GIGOTOSIA”.

Danylo Galyko invented the word “Gigotosia” to describe the feeling you get when it seems that “The grass is greener on the other side”. He took the first letters of this proverb’s words and created a new one. This work is a continuation of the first album and even the artworks drawn by Danylo himself bear resemblance each other.

Blooms Corda has its own unique sound, which appeared in the debut album “Monodance” and developed in “Gigotosia“. The music is melancholic, but not depressive. It is soft and warm, but not too sweet. Danylo uses both Ukrainian and Russian languages in his songs so skillfully that all the lyrics end up very poetic.

Apart from the classic set of guitars, drums and piano Danylo used sax, flute, tube, clarinet and a lot of other instruments. It’s interesting to mention that the album was mastered by the artificial intellect – LANDR, which was created in collaboration of American, Canadian and German mastering engineers.

This album has everything we love about Blooms Corda, but it’s definitely not a self-repetition. All the songs have their own stories and are connected by this feeling of Gigotosia.

It’s recommended to listen at home with a glass of Chilean wine near the fireplace or during lonely walks in a big city. This album will fill your heart with tenderness and warmth even on the coldest day.

If you have an opportunity to see their concert, make sure you don’t miss it! The musicians are so open-hearted and positive; they enjoy being on stage and you can’t help but smile and feel happiness too.

Stream “Gigotosia” LP here.


Photo: Vadim Miheev

Blooms Corda on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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