All female Belgian quartet Bluai has only three songs on Spotify so far, but each of them is worth an endless repeat.

The winner takes it all, and some walk the extra mile. Bluai managed to win the most recent editions of both Humo’s Rock Rally, Belgium’s mammoth (since 1978!) pop and rock competition, and De Nieuwe Lichting, a younger one organised by national radio station Studio Brussel. Even though both contests tend to dislike each other more than Oasis and Blur in their most antagonistic days, their juries did agree about Bluai in 2022.

It doesn’t really take more than 24 seconds of their most recent single ‘Hate you’ to understand why this all female four piece left all the others behind. The chords, the voice and the lyrics are all drenched with feelings that go straight to your heart and successfully try to touch your emotions.

This can go both ways, happy and sad. In ‘Hate you’, a mournful ballad about unanswered love, disappointment and sorrow get the upper hand. It results in one of these songs that, as a matter of speaking, make you grateful for the misery another person went through, describing it deliciously afterwards.

The captivating tune would perfectly blend in in a playlist among some of the earth’s greatest minor key songs by artists like Big Thief, Cigarettes After Sex, Aldous Harding or Mazzy Star.

Bluai only has three songs on Spotify so far. This will change in late October when the band will release their debut EP. Let’s first enjoy the ladies’ summer festival shows and put ‘Hate you’, ‘Lady’ and ‘Dime store’ on endless repeat.


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