Ten songs, a mix of indie folk, Americana, and country pop, contain all killer, no filler.

“This could be an ultimate classic, written by one of the greatest artists ever,” is what my 79-year-old father-in-law told me after hearing “I’m not the one” by BLUAI on the radio.

He’s right. The song has everything a timeless tune needs: it grabs your full attention right from the start, it becomes utterly gorgeous when the vocals drop in, has a marvelous bridge, a divine chorus, and this goes for the singing as well as for all instruments.

After winning every contest that matters in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium in one year (Humo’s Rock Rally, Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting, and Vibe’s Soundtrack, all in 2022), BLUAI started touring extensively, released the “Junkyard” EP, of which “Hate you” appeared on beehype, but kept fans waiting for the full-length debut. Two years later, we can enjoy the album named “Save It For Later”, and the result is more than worth the wait.

Ten songs, a mix of indie folk, Americana, and country pop inspired by or to be filed together with class acts like Big Thief, Boygenius, Haim, Maggie Rogers, and Phoebe Bridgers, contain all killer, no filler. “My Kinda Woman”, “Ceiling Stars”, and, a bit louder, “In Over My Head” match the quality of “Not the one”.

2024 will definitely be a milestone in BLUAI’s career. Belgian club shows in spring sold out in no time. July will see the band on the main stage of Rock Werchter, one of Europe’s biggest and best-known outdoor festivals. Appearances on showcase festivals like ESNS, The Great Escape, and Waves should help kick-start their European career.

Keep an eye on the band. And two ears, because that’s the best way to enjoy the music, and enjoy yourself.

Stream “Save It For Later” LP on Spotify.


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Photo: Anneke D’Hollander

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