Boi Wonder

In Dutch we have this expression that says “goed begonnen is half gewonnen”, which could be translated as “a good start takes you halfway to victory”.

Needless to say that this definitely goes for artists in general: a strong debut single or album is important to attract the attention of the taste makers and to get you in the spotlights.

Boi Wonder just released a very beautiful song called “Living Room”. As far as we are concerned, this could open many doors for these young men from the city of Sint-Truiden, especially if you know that the band was founded as recently as September 2018!

“Living Room” by Boi Wonder is what you could describe as a bastard son of The Weeknd, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and The xx. The vocals definitely have an RnB feel while the electronics and the beats are both wavy and dance-able.

A debut EP is currently being written. No live gigs have been planned as yet, even though Boi Wonder is hoping to play a few tryout shows in spring, when the members want to release the music they are writing as we speak.

There are many reasons to look forward to spring: the longer days, the higher temperatures and so on. Boi Wonder definitely just added one more.


Boi Wonder on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify.

Photo: Zeb Coune

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