La Chiva

At a time when a few artists bet on full-length albums in Bolivia, “La Chiva”, from Sucre, deliver their masterpiece with “Signos Vitales” (“Vital Signs”).

It’s a double album consisting of 18 songs that finally establishes the quartet as the most important act in the capital city of Bolivia, confirming their role as one of the most outstanding national groups of their generation.

The band’s fifth album – counting 73 minutes – was produced by So Myung Jung, in an ambitious production that plays far from the blues court of their early work. Songs like “Fuertes”, “Caminantes”, “Ánima”, “Savia”, “El viaje” and “Andes” are some of the highlights of the album released on October 21.

Signos Vitales was recorded in the Teatro de los Andes, in Yotala, a picturesque town on the outskirts of Sucre. (Pato Peters)

Stream “Signos Vitales” LP on Spotify.

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